29 Items

  1. Mifa M1 Speaker
    Mifa M1 Speaker
    Special Price £29.99 was £39.99
  2. Mifa F2 Speaker
    Mifa F2 Speaker
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  3. C3PO Speaker
    C3PO Speaker
  4. T900 Speaker
    T900 Speaker
  5. Helium T630
    T630 Speaker
  6. Induction Speaker
    Induction Speaker
    Special Price £7.99 was £14.99
  7. Prisim Bluetooth Speaker
    Prisim Bluetooth Speaker
    Special Price £39.97 was £49.99
  8. Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    Mini Bluetooth Smartphone Speaker
    Special Price £9.97 was £12.99
  9. Power Bank & Induction Speaker
    Power Bank & Induction Speaker 2000mAh
    Special Price £19.99 was £29.99
  10. Magnetic Induction Speaker Black
    Magnetic Induction Speaker Black
    Special Price £24.97 was £29.99
  11. Boom Box Touch Speaker
    Boom Box Induction Touch Speaker
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  12. Wireless Touch Speaker
    Induction Touch Speaker
    Special Price £14.97 was £29.99
  13. iMusic Pillow
    iMusic Pillow
    Special Price £12.99 was £16.99

29 Items

Check out our range of speakers that are guaranteed to blow your socks off! We have waterproof speakers, induction speakers, portable speakers, smartphone speakers, wireless Bluetooth speakers and more!

Sick of listening to your tunes through tinny little speakers? There's no excuse not to crank it up to neighbour-annoying volumes no matter where you are with our speaker range. Even in the shower – we've got plenty of waterproof speakers. How about in the bedroom? Sleep to your beats with iMusic pillow speakers! Out and about? Get bus-disturbing volumes with portable speakers of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you're listening to the news or debuting some new tracks, you shouldn't have to make do with a letdown of a built-in phone or laptop speaker. You shouldn't have to muck around with cables if you don't want to either – touch speakers take care of that. Just prop your phone up against them for instant tuneage.

Play your tunes loud and proud, wherever you are!

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