Novelty Lighting

49 Items

  1. Party Bulb
    Party Bulb
    Special Price £9.99 was £11.99
  2. Fibrelite Poinsetta
    Fibrelite Poinsettia
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99
  3. Dual Laser Projector 1
    Dual Laser Projector
    Special Price £19.99 was £29.99
  4. Millennium Falcon Light
    Millennium Falcon Light
    Special Price £29.99 was £39.99
  5. Rainbow Lamp 1
    Rainbow Lamp
    Special Price £12.97 was £17.99
  6. Jellyfish Glow Tank
    Jellyfish Glow Tank
    Special Price £29.97 was £39.99
  7. Star Wars Storm Trooper 3D Deco Light
    Star Wars Storm Trooper 3D Deco Light
    Special Price £34.99 was £39.99
  8. Minions 3D Wall Light (Bob)
    3D Wall Light (Bob)
    Special Price £29.97 was £39.99
  9. Star Wars™ Galaxy Battle Light
    Star Wars Galaxy Battle Light
    Special Price £24.97 was £29.99
  10. Remote Control Candle Set 2
    Remote Control Candle Set (3 Pack)
    Special Price £9.99 was £14.99
  11. Star Wars Yoda Head Deco Light
    Star Wars Yoda Head Deco Light
    Special Price £29.99 was £39.99
  12. Transformers USB Light
    Transformers USB Light
    Special Price £11.99 was £14.99
  13. Twin Disco Balls
    Twin Disco Balls
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99

49 Items


A world without light is a pretty depressing thought. But what's even more depressing is a world without our collection of awesome novelty lights! From Marvel superheroes through to funky Pac Man pixels, there's an entire world of choice when it comes to novelty lighting here at Menkind.

Watch yourself as Hulk's fist smashes through your wall and fills your room with an ethereal green glow while Thor's 3D hammer nestles itself neatly about your bedhead. More of a Star Wars kind of guy? Perhaps one of our Stormtrooper 3D mood lights will keep you from straying too close to the dark side as Yoda's illuminated face keeps an eye on things while you sleep. Illuminate your room and lighten up your mood, it's time to flick the switch and brighten up your lighting game!

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