Portapuzzle Standard Jigsaw Puzzle Board

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  • Hold you puzzles in this compact, portable Portapuzzle
  • Great accessory for storing, sorting, transporting and completing your puzzle
  • Includes two extra, lined puzzle boards
  • Features three velcro straps for easy transport
  • Closed size measures 82 x 58 x x3cm Open 165 x 58 x 3cm
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Carrying round a large 1000 piece puzzle isn't the easiest thing to do at the best of times, especially when you need a table to rest your puzzle on and a carry case. So why not eliminate all of these issues with this Portapuzzle Standard, which lets you build your own jigsaw puzzle on a compact carry case and stand. The Portapuzzle black case opens up to reveal three panels which let you store and sort all your jigsaw pieces in as well as contrsut your puzzle. 

The case features a central velcro strap as well as velcro straps at the top and bottom of the board so your puzzle will always be safe and secure. This puzzle is suitable for most standard 1000 piece puzzles which measure approximately 68x49 cm. 

Closed size measures 82 x 58 x 3cm and open measures 165 x 58 x 3cm.

Jigsaw puzzle not included. 

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