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Baffle Puzzle

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  • Brain-bending Baffle Puzzle
  • Colour coded puzzle that really tests your brain’s mettle
  • Build brilliant brainpower with this baffling contraption
  • Perfect for exercising your grey matter
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 11cm
Baffle Puzzle 1
Baffle Puzzle 1 Baffle Puzzle 2 Baffle Puzzle 3 Baffle Puzzle 4
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For those of you inclined towards challenging your mind, there’s many a puzzle that will challenge your grey matter that have passed through the Menkind office. But this Baffle Puzzle is truly one of the more… well, baffling puzzles to hit our desks over the years.

The basic principle of this puzzle is that you have to move the colourful buttons until they all line up (not too dissimilar from similar colourful puzzles). The trick is, you not only have the ability to rotate the lines of buttons, you’re also able to move buttons between lines thanks to a handy slider system… but only one button at a time. Tricky, eh?

For those of you who want to turn your grey matter into great matter, this Baffle Puzzle is just the ticket to truly tremendous brainpower.