What to Buy for The Dad Who Has Everything

We all love our Dads, they’re funny, cool and they made us what we are today (whether we admit it or not). But there is one thing that we all find a little bit difficult – finding Dad the perfect gift, and with Father’s Day fast approaching we could all do with a helping hand. So if you’re looking to find something extra special to say thank you for all the hard work he does, then look no further as we’ve compiled some of our favourite gift ideas to suit every Dad this Father’s Day.


Young Dads


Let’s face it, nearly all guys are big kids at heart, and Dads have the best excuse of all! And there’s nothing wrong with still loving all that cool superhero stuff when you’re a grown-up, particularly the ultra-cool Iron Man.

This Metal Earth Iron Man is the perfect gift for any Dad who loves a project. Without any messy soldering or glue, your guy can build his very own Iron Man figure that can sit proudly on his desk or bedside table, bringing an extra touch of cool wherever it goes!



Some things are just too amazing pass up, and old school gaming is something that’s bound to get any young dad super excited. This console is packed full of all the games that Dad will have played growing up, but now he doesn’t have to go round to his friend’s house to play them! The Sega Classic Wireless Game Console features 80 classic games built-in and includes two wireless controllers. Simply plug in and play!


Every Dad has dreamt of being a super-cool secret agent. Who can resist the dream of fast cars, taking down the bad guys and owning your own awesome pistol!

Now your Dad can fulfil all his 007 fantasies with this fun Secret Agent Alarm Clock. Keep this weapon under your pillow so you can be ready for anything – and as soon as you wake up in the morning you can project the LED light to show the time! Take that mornings!



Treat your personal hero to this awesome Batman Door Mat, the perfect way to show off to the world just how cool your special Dad really is! Whether it’s the for the front door, the shed or to Dad’s office, this Door Mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is made from durable coconut fibre and non-slip PVC. Practical and cool? It’s the perfect gift for any DC Comics fan!


What could be better than a Father’s Day gift that both the kids and Dad can enjoy together? Most of us can’t quite stretch to the real deal (plus there’s no room for a car seat), so this 1:14 scaled model Lamborghini Veneno is the perfect way to enjoy all the fun without the hefty price tag!

Perfect both indoors and out, put Dad’s driving skills to the test and with fully directional steering, front and rear lights as well as cool automatic doors.


These cool Marvel 3D Coasters feature four designs that represent some of the most popular characters in comic book history – Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and Captain America. Whichever one your Dad loves best, these lenticular coasters are the perfect way to add a subtle bit of superhero charm to any coffee table.



The ideal gift to buy on behalf of the smaller members of your family, these cute cufflinks let every Dad feel super special. Engraved with ‘I heart my Dad’ engraved with a red love heart, these attractive polished Rhodium finish cufflinks come in their very own gift box.



Mature Dads


Dads are great for making us feel protected and safe wherever we are, because they’re always thinking about what’s best for the whole brood.

So if your Dad loves to travel or simply keep things safe in the home, The Real Book Safe is the ideal accessory to keep all those smaller precious items safe and sound when out and about exploring. Looking like any other book, this safe is cunningly disguised to blend in on your bookshelf, and is a unique gift ideal for the Dad who has everything!




One of the most recognisable brands in the world, and an essential for any hands-on Dad, this 15-piece Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate outdoors accessory.

Any self-respecting son or daughter always looks to their Dad to have the right tools for the job, and the classic Victorinox Huntsman makes sure your Dad will always be fully equipped for any job. Made with the highest quality craftsmanship and coming with a lifetime guarantee, this gift is a sure fire winner.


Records have seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years, with LP sales reaching their highest peak in decades. With this surge in popularity a whole new series of amazing turntables have come onto the market.

Boasting enormous amounts of cool features, the Max LP Wood Record Player gives a chance for your Dad to relive all of his best loved music in its original format. This cool turntable plays all 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, can convert files to digital format, comes with built-in speakers and all the standard input and outputs including headphone connector.



Older Dads love tech, and there are but a few bits of techy gizmos more exciting than all the amazing quadcopters on offer. We have hand-picked one of our favourite models from our resident flying experts that is guaranteed to bring hours of fun to your technology loving Dad.

This Hubsan X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter features a live video stream, video recording and cool LED lights for night flyers. This is the perfect gift to club together and get your Dad something extra special (we know he’ll really appreciate it) and is ideal for novice to expert flyers.




Dads can be pretty silly and sometimes a little stinky, and for some reason they can spend an inordinate amount of time on the loo. If any of this sounds familiar you, this 52 Things to Do While You Poo is the perfect accessory for any Dad who spends a little too much time on the ceramic throne.

One of our absolute best sellers, this is the ideal joke book for a cheeky gift, as well as the perfect accompaniment to all your toilet visits!



If your Dad loves nothing better than an afternoon round the golf course, this Golf Ball Monogram Stamper gives him all the tools he needs to personalise his golf balls, making him stand out on the course. This set includes a self-inking stamper with quick dry ink for perfect smudge free results.

Truly unique and an excellent inexpensive gift, this monogrammer gives you a personalised result in seconds.




Small, compact and keeping your identity safe while you’re on the move, this Cardholder Wallet is a must have for any security conscious Dad.

Available in a selection of colours to suit any style, this Cardholder Wallet protects credit and debit cards from remote RFID (radio-frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) skimming, keeping cards secure in the compact, lightweight and sturdy aluminium case. Not only are cards protected against theft and wear and tear, they are also easier to access with the pop-up lever functionality.



Ideal for any distinguished gent, this 3 Piece Shaving Set in Cream and Nickel is the perfect gift for any Dad with an outstanding sense of style and a love of vintage design.

With the bearded look moving swiftly out of fashion, your sophisticated Dad can stay looking sharp and well-groomed all day, every day. After all there’s nothing quite as wonderful as the feeling of a traditional old fashioned wet shave. This three-piece set even creates a striking centrepiece for his bathroom, and comes in a stunning Edwin Jagger presentation box.



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