Top Gifts for Your New Boyfriend!

Buying presents for a new boyfriend is always tricky. How are you meant to budget for this? You don’t want to spend too much and look too eager but then you don’t want to just get him a pack of his favourite crisps either. If you are one of the many confused partners this year, then have a browse through our awesome range of gadgets and tech gifts for boyfriends.

Breakfast Maker £59.99


At just the right price, the Breakfast Maker is an excellent gift for any foodie. Simple and easy to use, you don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to know that this is a good idea! Plus, who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Toast two slices of bread, grill bacon or sausages and boil six or poach three eggs all at once. So not only do you get all your breakfast cooked in one simple machine, but it also creates so much less washing up. Win win situation right here!

Max LP Speakers £79.99


Records are making a comeback so if your BF is rocking the hipster/retro vibe then he is sure to love this. Get all his favourite LPs blasting out in crystal clear sound with the Max LP Speaker. Featuring four turn speeds and stylish good looks, this masterpiece can even be connected to your computer so you can convert your records into digital files.

A4 Light Box £24.99


For Mr Creative, the A4 Light Box is a must. Perfect for making notes like pick up more milk, leaving reminders for loved ones (like you for example) or showing what you will be watching on Netflix tonight. Each comes with 100 letters including coloured emojis so you and your new boyfriend can cosy up together by the gentle glow of a sweet message. N’awww.

Diamond Glasses £19.99


For the fella who loves stella, we have a huge range of bar gifts and gadgets but if you really want to impress him, the Diamond Glasses are definitely a stand out gift.

Each Whisky glass is shaped like an actual diamond and is the perfect accompaniment to a drink by the fireplace in a winged armchair. The angular design means they rest in a unique position and the overall shape of the glass helps to let the Whisky aerate as you sip away.

Marvel 3D Coasters £2.99


A cheeky stocking filler that will bring joy to any Marvel Fan is the 3D Marvel Coasters. With eight totally super coasters included in each set, these will keep the table top sparkling clean next time you and your avengers assemble for tea and biscuits. The lenticular surface make the images move before your eyes making each coaster even more magical. If you more into Star Wars then you’re in luck, as we also have these wicked Rogue one and Force Awakens Coasters. There’s definitely one to suit every man!

Kelvin 23 Urban Multitool £29.99


If you are dating the kind of guy that thinks a trip to a DIY store is the best way to spend a Saturday then the Kelvin 23 might just be the best present for him.

Featuring an impressive 23 tools in one handheld device, this nifty gadget is all he will ever need for his DIY missions. With a locking screwdriver, LED flashlight, tape measure, powerful magnets, spirit level plus many more useful tools, and a ten year manufactures warranty, this is the must have multi-tool!

Boutique Hotel for Two £119.99


For the more romantic gift, this getaway package is perfect. This unique voucher will see you and your partner whisking off to one of 25 beautiful locations across the UK to stay in a luxury B&B or Boutique Hotel for one night of pure romance. Spend the day exploring the area and relax in the evening as you wine and dine in style. Each voucher includes one nights stay with your breakfast included. A brilliant way to test if you two can hack it alone!

Wall Climbing Car £19.99


Some people never grow up and the Wall Climbing Car is a brilliant gift for those big kids! Not only do you get all the fun of your usual remote control car, but you also get to take this baby for a spin up the walls and across the ceiling! These cars come in a selection of vibrant colours and can be raced together, meaning a high speed drag race through the living room is definitely up for grabs.

3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens £9.99


For the budding photographer, the 3 in 1 Universal Clip Camera Lens is the gadget you need to turn your photos from dull and boring to instantly instafamous! The unique clip design makes these camera lenses suitable for most smartphones and tablets and will make taking amazing photographs easier than ever before. Simply pop it over your current camera lens and you are good to go.

Three lenses are included in the set, a Macro for high detail close ups, a Fish Eye for an edgy vibe and Wide Angle for making the most of the landscapes and group shots. Each of these is easily screwed onto the clip and a handy carry bag and lens cover are included within the set to make sure you don’t get any unwanted scratches or dirt on the glass.

Ock Mug £3.99


If you have found yourself stuck with the Arch Bishop of Banterbury then the Ock Mug is just the thing. Fulfilling all his laddish bants whilst supplying him with his much needed tea or coffee, the Ock Mug is a simple yet hilarious gift that every man can enjoy. And if he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, you could trick him into believing that OCK is an acronym for something much sweeter than its real meaning!

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