Top Five Things For Fidgety Friends


If you are anything like the majority of this office, you will either be a constant fidgetter, forever clicking pens and tapping feet, or you will be the one that is annoyed by everyone else’s obsession with not keeping still. Whichever category you fall into, this short but sweet list complies a sneak peek at what keeps us busy in the Menkind head office.

The Twiddle Cubes £7.99


It’s not surprising that these are at the top of our list. The nifty little gadgets that have taken social media by storm are now on our shelves, ready to be shipped out to you. With six different sides, each boasting its own fiddle-tastic twiddler, the Twiddle Cubes are a perfect way to keep busy fingers distracted.


Whirlerz Finger Fidgets £7.99


Another fidget related craze to take over the interwebs lately are the Whirlerz, and guess what? They too are in our hands! Like a Ninja throwing star crossed with a Twiddle Cube, these little spinners are designed with precision built bearings to provide maximum spins every time. Making sure that your fingers are well entertained through that boring day at the office or long commute.


Banana Stress Reliever £5.99


The Banana. Bendy or straight – we don’t really care. We just love the taste. But don’t eat this one! The Banana Stress Reliever is not designed to fill you up with yummy potassium. Instead, this yellow fellow is here to take the stress and anger out of your day. Squeeze, pull, twist and yank the banana to your heart’s content. You can even throw it at your boss if you really want to, but we can’t guarantee the safety of your job if you do.


Stress Balls £4.99


As a retail company, you can surely understand that we get a little tense around the Christmas period. Just a smidgen. You can barely even tell. But what keeps our heads cool throughout the year is a selection of Stress Balls that we offer to our lovely customers too. With Stress Pugs, Balls and even something a little naughtier, our range of Stress Balls has something for everyone

FYI – it’s not a real pug to squeeze, it’s a ball that looks like a Pug. Not all Pugs will like being squeezed.


Thinking Putty from £9.99


Designed to help you think (or something like that) the Thinking Putty is a lump of squishy, smashable, stretchy, gooeyness for you to enjoy. Available in a range of colours and styles including some with heat sensitivity, some with a UV light to draw onto the putty and some are even magnetic! The fun with Thinking Putty never ends. Each one of the Putties is super stretchy and can be smashed, and bounced, twisted and snapped – all from one marvelous non-sticky, non-greasy, non-drying crazy goo. Perfect for the most extreme fidgeters.

Whatever kind of fiddly fidgeter you are, were sure we’ve got something to keeps those fingers occupied, and your brain engaged through even the most boring of meetings!

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