May the Fourth be With You

It’s not long now until our favourite day of the year. Nope, not Christmas; not even our birthdays; we’re rapidly approaching May the Fourth, better known as Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you, geddit? We probably didn’t need to explain that.

Anyway, with a recently released trailer for the eagerly awaited Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the awesome Rogue One: A Star Wars Story recently released on DVD, Star Wars fever is at an all time high. And we have some truly awesome Star Wars gadgets and accessories that are the perfect gift for the Star Wars addict in your life – or just as a galactic treat to yourself.

Stormtrooper Decanter £21.99


Let’s start with a bit of Imperial class. This officially licensed Stormtrooper Decanter is the perfect receptacle for your Alderaan wine – or indeed any more terrestrial spirits or wines you may care for. It’s made from high quality flint glass and designed to be as close as possible to the original 1970s Stormtrooper helmets as possible. With a capacity of 750 ml and a proper cork seal we can’t think of a better way to add a touch of Star Wars cool to even the classiest of dinner parties.

And if you’re drinking shots from your decanter then you might like these cool Star Wars Shot Glasses too, not to mention the stack of other drink and bar related products we stock!

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs £24.99


The other thing that May the Fourth heralds is (hopefully) the start of summer. Here at Menkind that means one thing – barbecues. By September we might even have managed to cook something that’s not black on the outside and raw on the inside. But we’ll have a much better chance using these super cool lightsaber BBQ tongs, based on the iconic weapon of everyone’s favourite villain, Darth Vader. In fact we’re pretty sure we saw Luke use a set of these at the end of the Return of the Jedi. With a heatproof handle shaped like the hilt of a lightsaber, heatproof case for convenience and even their very own lightsaber sound you’ll be able to channel the dark side at all your barbecues.

And if you need to restock your barbecue arsenal then fear not, we have a wide range of other bbq accessories to get you burning your meat in no time.

Original Stormtrooper Wire Frame Light £24.99


There’s an interesting dichotomy in using the dark side as a light, don’t you think? But that’s exactly what this Stormtrooper Wire Frame Light does, and with some serious style too. Despite its 3d look the light is actually only a few mm thick, using a cunning technique to illuminate the etched wireframe on its surface. Based on the moulds for the Stormtrooper helmets from A New Hope, created in 1976 by prop maker Andrew Ainsworth there’s even a print of his signature on the base. The perfect room addition for any Star Wars fan it’s sure to be a talking point at parties.

You might also like our Darth Vader Lightsaber Light, Darth Vader Head Light, BB8 Light or even a Death Star wireframe light!

Death Star Kitchen Timer £9.99


Whenever you think of the Death Star it’s all about the turbolasers and the thermal exhaust ports, but we reckon that its inhabitants had much more mundane day to day concerns. For instance we don’t recall ever seeing a toilet block whilst Luke and Han were trotting around the Death Star, and we’re pretty sure there was no mention of kitchens either. If there were kitchens on the Death Star (and all those Stormtroopers must have got hungry) then we’re pretty sure that the chefs would have loved this awesome little Death Star Kitchen Timer. Counting down from an hour it signals the readiness of your food with a flashing light and laser sounds, and because it has its own spring wound mechanism it doesn’t even require batteries!

If you want to fully immerse your kitchen in the dark side then you might also like our Darth Vader Oven Gloves, Darth Vader Bowl and our range of Star Wars Mugs.

Welcome to the Dark Side Door Mat £14.99


Here at Menkind we like to be open about our allegiances, and we definitely err towards the dark side of the force. Let’s be honest, it’s just cooler. So if we were going to pick an office doormat it would definitely be this super cool Welcome to the Dark Side door mat, sporting a rather fetching picture of the legendary sith lord, Darth Vader himself. It’s made from sturdy coconut fibre and non slip PVC and will make sure your floors stay squeaky clean, just like in the Death Star.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan then don’t worry, we’ve thought of you too with our other cool movie doormats.

BB8 and Force Band Special Edition Bundle £179.99


We don’t think we’re alone when we say that our absolute favourite part of The Force Awakens was the super cute and cheeky little robot, BB8. He stole every scene he was in (and our hearts!) zooming around and causing havoc. So there’s no real surprise that we love this incredible intelligent remote control version even more. BB8 can be left to explore on his own, controlled using the Force Band or even via your smartphone – it’s up to you! There’s a Pokémon Go style collecting game built into the band and you can even train BB8 with virtual blasters and lightsabers!

If you like you can also purchase the Force Band and BB8 individually, but if you buy this pack then you get a special edition battle worn BB8, which is definitely cooler.

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon £9.99


Secretly we all harbour dreams of owning – or at least flying – the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. One team member actually gave it a try, but it turns out that a 1.1 litre Metro in custard yellow was actually just a hunk of junk, and not in fact very fast at all. This charming Millennium Falcon model kit is a much better option, and will look even better sitting on your shelves too. Consisting of two sheets of stainless steel perfectly laser cut to shape, it doesn’t require any tools or glue to assemble – just a little bit of patience. And the super detailed metal sculpture you’ll have at the end is more than worth the effort.

If you’re not keen on the Falcon then then you might like the mighty AT-AT, classic droid fun with R2-D2 or even a Rebel Alliance X-Wing. Or you could even check out a different model kit, like this plastic Build Your Own Millenium Falcon. We also have a whole bunch of non-Star Wars Metal Earth kits for you to choose from too!

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