Make Dad’s Day – Top 5 Gifts for Fathers

It’s part and parcel of working at Menkind to know men’s gifts inside and out. We have watches, gadgets, drones and massagers available for every type of man (and woman). The only problem is that we know most of you will leave it a little too late to get your Father’s Day present this year, so we decided to make you a little cheat sheet.

This here, is a list of our top five gifts for Dads that we are certain, any papa will love.


Mini Massage Cushion


He might not want to admit it, but everyone loves a bit of pampering. So let’s let dad kick back in style with the Mini Massage Cushion. This travel size gadget uses multiple rotating balls to dig deep into your back and relieve all the tensions of being a father. There’s also a handy Heat Mode, perfect for rejuvenating achy muscles.


Air LP Bluetooth Record Players


Dads are always talking about how things were better back in the day, so take him on a trip down memory lane this Father’s Day with the Air LP Bluetooth Record Players. Connect via Bluetooth to play your music then convert tapes, records and old cds into digital files.

If you aren’t too sure on this record player but want something similar, then take a look at the rest of our range of record players.


Triple Super Car Experience


Enjoy a day filled with high octane fun with an incredible trip out to the race track. Now Dad can swap that people carrier that has seen better days for a movie style supercar.

The perfect gift for petrol heads, this offer gives Dad a chance to take a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin around the race track in the fastest time possible! With locations across the country we’re sure this will be a day out that you won’t forget.


Best Dad in The World Beer Keg


What do Dads love more than anything (other than their children of course)? Beer! With this keg, they get to enjoy a delicious 5 litres of beer brewed in an independent brewery in Scotland. Across the metal keg is a message to your Father to remind that he is without a doubt, ‘The Best Dad In the World’ in a fun and colourful print.


Master Pan


The worst part of cooking a delicious meal is the mountain of washing up that is often left behind. With the Masterpan, pots and pans spilling out of the kitchen sink is a thing of the past!

This ingenious frying pan comes with five split sections, so you can have your bacon, sausages, eggs, beans and mushrooms, all sizzling away at the same time. Plus, the Masterpan is dishwasher safe!

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