Perfect Alignment: Gifts for the Summer Star Signs

The authenticity of astrology is a hot topic here at the Menkind office. Well, actually, it’s not, we just like to say it is. However, for the astrologically aware amongst you, the stars are aligning, so to speak. Now is the time to evaluate the choices for the year and reflect upon the choices to come, and among those choices will be what to get yourself or your loved ones as a special treat. Fortunately, we here at Menkind have you covered, with a special selection of gifts perfect for star signs from Gemini through to Leo.

Gemini – May 21 – June 20

A Gemini is a lively and witty person, but you will need to provide some serious entertainment to keep up with their need for fun. Don’t worry though – we’ve got you sorted.

Vizor Go VR Headset – £24.99

Vizor Go VR Headset

Every Gemini deserves the latest and most innovative in technological coolness to keep their attention, and this VR headset is certainly that, allowing you 96° vision – perfect for immersing yourself into any strange new worlds you care to virtually explore. The drop down front lets you play AR games too, turning your living room into an alien infested area! And if the portability of the Go just isn’t for you then we have a whole range of VR headsets for you to choose from.

Pointless Board Game – £14.99

Pointless Board Game

With the Pointless board game, you’ll be sure to have hours of fun, and any Gemini worth their salt will love the hilarity of this comedic gem, testing their general knowledge (or lack thereof) and generally having a grand old time of it. And if you just don’t get the appeal of Pointlessness then fret not, we have plenty of board games for you to choose from.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Cancer is a star sign of the protective, the sensitive and the emotional, and so you’ll want to buy a gift that demonstrates just how much you care. Fortunately, we have these.

Personalised Watch – £79.99

Personalised Watch

Get your Cancer a truly unique gift for a person, with a Personalised Watch for all situations. With up to four lines, you’ve got plenty of space to let them know just how much they matter to you – just be sure to spell their name right, or they might be more than a little miffed. And if a watch isn’t the right choice, why not check out the rest of our Personalised Gifts?

Get Away For Two – £99.99

Get Away for Two

When the stars align, this romantic getaway for two might be just the thing you and your Cancer have been searching for, with any number of amazing activities the two of you can share together; it’s the perfect way to build beautiful memories. If you fancy something a bit more exciting than a relaxing romantic retreat then we have you covered there too – just check out our range of amazing experiences.


Though they can indulge a bit in vanity, a Leo is a generous and faithful companion through the walks of life – and now you can reward that generosity.

Spectraboom – £149.99

Spectraboom Boombox

Let’s face it, a set of headphones just isn’t ostentatious enough for a Leo. So – here, we present for your Leo’s musical pleasure a boombox with all the flair of the classics and all the technical wizardry of the modern era, perfect for mobile musical magnificence or home entertainment. But if the Spectraboom is a bit too much for your tastes then why not check out our huge range of speakers?

Aston Martin Drive – £119.99

Aston Martin Experience

Everyone looks cool in an Aston Martin, no question, and so a drive in an Aston Martin is the perfect gift for any Leo who wants to spend a few hours feeling like they’re in the most suave of spy movies. And if you’d rather try a Ferrari, a Lambourghini or even a crazy Ariel Atom then we can make that happen with one of our other driving experiences.

If you’re buying a gift for that special man in your life and none of the suggestions here seem right to you then why not have a look at our Top 10 Gifts for your Boyfriend blog? And if you have a friend who just can’t sit still then we may just be able to help with our Top Five Things for Fidgety Friends blog!

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