Father’s Day Films – Give Dad The Remote

Sitting back and watching a film is one of our favourite pastimes here, and it’s even better when you get to share the experience with your loved ones. The only issue is that sometimes, Dad’s movie choices aren’t that good. He likes the ‘classics’ as he would call them, and we’re not really that keen. But with Father’s Day edging ever closer, we need to bite the bullet and give Dad the ultimate father’s day gift  as we sit down and watch one of his top films with him. Then top off the experience with one of these presents which are all perfect gifts for movie lovers!

Batman Mirror

Unless your Dad is really cool or just believes that he is, his favourite Bruce Wayne was probably played by the great Adam West. Yep, Adam West wasn’t just the town mayor in Family Guy, he was the first, and in your Dad’s opinion the best Batman we have ever seen. So let your Dad create his own Batcave with this officially licensed Batman Mirror.


Captain America Shield Light

You had better prepare yourself if your Dad wants to watch the 1990 Captain America with you, because it is bad! Like really bad… So if he has twisted your arm into watching it, make sure you get the First Avenger ready to play straight after to show him what a real Marvel movie is all about. Then, top off the experience with the Captain America Shield Light as a subtle reminder of your happy movie sesh together.


Superman Dressing Gown

The classic Superman films aren’t nearly as bad as Captain America, mainly thanks to the brilliant directors and incredible cast they used, including the much loved Christopher Reeve. That is if we just blow over the 1975 TV movie. For this movie themed gift, we have a super cosy Superman Dressing Gown – perfect for chilly nights in your Fortress of Solitude.


The Godfather Personalised Mug

The Godfather is one of those films that is like marmite – you either love it or hate it. If you love it, great! If you hate it, try playing a drinking game while it’s on to keep you entertained. This involves drinking when anyone is made an offer they can’t refuse, says it’s business, cries or there are oranges in any scene. Then proceed to make your Dad feel like the Godfather with the epic Personalised Mug and get him to play along too.


Star Wars BB8 Droid

A Father’s Day without Star Wars just doesn’t exist in our world. We have plenty of Star Wars Gifts available, but we had to pick our favourite and how could we not choose the adorable BB8 Droid. He’s cute, he’s round, he’s rolls around the ground, it’s BB8!


If BB8 is a is a little over budget for you, then take a look at our Best Father’s Day Under £20 blog post for some more inspiration, or have a browse through our May The Fourth Be With You post for more Star Wars goodness.

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