Motion Drone – A Revolution In Drone Technology

When it comes to drones, we think we know our stuff pretty well. We’ve seen plenty of big drones, loads of micro drones and our fair share of camera drones, but we were still shocked when we first heard about this one.

A Motion Drone… How could that work? Well, it actually works surprisingly well and it’s incredibly easy for pilots new and old to learn too. This awesome new gesture controlled technology takes the human-machine relationship to a whole new level! As you can probably tell, we’re super excited to see this come into our stores for a multitude of reasons – the first being, the motion control of course.


Wave goodbye to complicated controllers with more buttons than a pilots cockpit, as the Motion Drone simply, and rather elegantly, follows the gestures of your hand. All you need to do is pop on the handheld remote, then gently turn your hand left to right, tilt forward and back and the drone will follow suit. It’s a headless drone too, which means that its left is always your left, and its right is always your right, making it as simple as can be to fly!



With one button take off and landings and altitude lock all included, you will be whizzing around the house in no time at all. You can even do crazy 360° flips with just one touch of the button and a wiggle of your hand. All of this teamed up with the 6 axis gyroscope built in make this a fun and smooth ride for all to enjoy.



Watch the video here to see it in action or check it on our website here.


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