Perfect Alignment: Gifts for the Summer Star Signs

The authenticity of astrology is a hot topic here at the Menkind office. Well, actually, it’s not, we just like to say it is. However, for the astrologically aware amongst you, the stars are aligning, so to speak. Now is the time to evaluate the choices for the year and reflect upon the choices to

Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Menkind Christmas Gift Guide If you’re not sure what gifts are gonna blow the socks off of your recipients this year then check out this guide to our top gifts for Christmas 2015. For more specific gift guides check out the banners at the bottom for gift guides such as “Unusual Christmas Gifts” and “What

Fresher’s Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again when university hopefuls fly the nest and begin their journey on the path to adulthood. All of these young adults will be nurturing the hopes to become some of the brightest young minds the country has to offer, and as soon as they are dropped off on their new

Festival Survival Guide

The summer is fully underway and the festival season is in full swing so now you need to ask yourself ‘what do I need to get the most out of this?’ Now we all know the festival essentials include clothes you probably won’t wear again and a sturdy pair of wellies, but to really make

Watch Buying Guide

Shopping for a watch can be tough, especially if you aren’t sure what all the technical lingo means. It can also be difficult to know what kind of watch you need for different activities, e.g. one that will be suitable for the workplace, or one that can withstand a bumper squash session.  Well never fear

Drone Buying Guide: Our Guide to The Best Drones For You

So you’ve heard about the hype surrounding drones and you’ve decided that you want one for yourself. Or perhaps you’re an experienced drone user but are unsure which model to buy next. Well don’t worry as we have compiled a fantastic guide to choosing and buying your new drone. So whether or not you’re in

Best Father’s Day Gifts Under £20

So Father’s Day is looming on the horizon and whilst you want to get your Dad something really special, you’ve looked at your funds and realised that buying him a custom made DeLorean might not be possible this year. Well worry not for we have compiled a list of fun gifts that you can buy

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Price: £12.99 If your Dad loves cooking then he will be sure to love this Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife. This stainless steel knife comes in a black aluminium sheath that resembles a sword sheath so your Dad can finally feel like the ninja he always wanted to be! This chef’s knife

Top 5 Remote Control Helicopters

Now that the weather is turning nicer it is time for the RC flying enthusiasts to brush the dust off of their favourite RC helicopters and take to the skies once again! In recent years the popularity of remote control toys has sky rocketed and more people than ever are trying to learn how to