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The 10 Best Food and Drink Gifts for Christmas 2020

13 Nov 2020

food and drink gifts slush puppie and hot chocolate bombe

Food and drink gifts are always a great idea for Christmas. After all, Christmas is all about food, drink, and gifts! Here are 10 gift ideas that you’ll love.

10 Food and Drink Gift Ideas

If you’re struggling for a gift idea this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a food and/or drink present. Whether it’s something delicious to nibble on, a bit of tipple, or maybe some barware, these kinds of gifts always make the recipient feel good. Check out these 10 food and drink gifts that we’ve compiled for you!

  1. Beer Boot

beer boot pint glass

Give ordinary pint glasses das boot with this Beer Boot! Designed to look like classic German beer glasses, this beer boot holds about 1 litre, making sure you have a heel of a time with your beer!

  1. Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

everyday ipa beer making kit

This Beer Making Kit is perfect for any beer fan looking for a new hobby. It comes with all of the ingredients and equipment needed to brew up to 1 gallon of delicious Indian Pale Ale. And, once your first batch is done, you can buy a refill pack and get brewing again!

  1. Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombe Cracker

cocoba hot chocolate bombe cracker

Forget plastic shoe horns and hopping frogs, this Hot Chocolate Bombe Cracker contains a whopping three hot chocolate bombes!  Drop a bombe into a mug of hot milk and it’ll melt, creating a delicious hot chocolate drink made with real Belgian milk chocolate. And, it’s filled with mini marshmallows, which add the perfect finishing touch!

  1. The Famous Grouse Whisky Fudge Tin

famous grouse whisky fudge

Famous Grouse Whisky Fudge Tin

Perfect for whisky drinkers with a sweet tooth, this Famous Grouse Whisky Fudge Tin combines festive snacking and a cheeky drink. It’s packed with delicious Scottish caramel fudge which has been infused with Famous Grouse whisky. It’s fudging fantastic… for Famous Grouse fans over 18.

  1. Chilli Traveller Hot Sauce 7-pack

chilli traveller hot sauce 7 pack

This Hot Sauce 7-pack contains (spoiler alert) seven bottles of hot sauce from all around the world! Each bottle contains 60 ml of fiery delight, letting the chilli lover take on Cayenne, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Sriracha, and Bird’s Eye hot sauces.

  1. Pepperoni Sausage Making Kit

7 Bottle of Hot Sauce Packed in Window Box

This Pepperoni Sausage Making Kit is a great gift for anyone who loves the spicy sausage. Reassuringly, we’re not about to send unrefrigerated meat through the post, so it requires that and a bit of water. But, apart from that, it includes all the spices and equipment necessary to make about four long pepperoni sausages at home!

  1. Sausage Guillotine

Sausage Guillotine

The Sausage Guillotine is the most exciting sausage slicer ever!  Bringing some seriously medieval method to your slicing, this kitchen goodie can be used for sausages, veggies, and more.

  1. Cheese Baker

cheese baker fondue bowl

If you know a man who likes things cheesier than our jokes, the Cheese Baker is an ideal way for him to sit back and (ahem) bake it easy! This strong, ceramic dish comes with a base that lets it sit over a tea light, which can be used to keep melted cheese… well, melted. It’s fontastic for fondue!  

  1. Tiki Mugs

tiki mugs set of 4

Bring a cheeky tiki feel to your next cocktail party with these Tiki Mugs! They’re made from ceramic and painted in bright, exotic colours. They’re ideal for bringing the tropics home if you can’t go to the tropics!

  1. Slush Puppie Machine

slush puppie machine

Slush Puppies aren’t just reserved for the movies or the seaside anymore. With the Slush Puppie Machine, you can make delicious slushies in your own home! It’s easy to use and makes up to a litre at a time, letting you pour your slushies through the super cool dispenser!

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If these gifts have whetted your appetite for food and drink presents, you’re in luck. We have loads more of these on our website. So, for the perfect gift for a foodie or a drinks fan, visit Menkind now!