Father’s Day Films – Give Dad The Remote

Sitting back and watching a film is one of our favourite pastimes here, and it’s even better when you get to share the experience with your loved ones. The only issue is that sometimes, Dad’s movie choices aren’t that good. He likes the ‘classics’ as he would call them, and we’re not really that keen.

Top Gifts for Your New Boyfriend!

Buying presents for a new boyfriend is always tricky. How are you meant to budget for this? You don’t want to spend too much and look too eager but then you don’t want to just get him a pack of his favourite crisps either. If you are one of the many confused partners this year,

Rain, Rain, go away

Just when we thought it was time to chuck our winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe and get ready for some gorgeous summer weather, we’re forced to crank the thermostat back up and snuggle up with a hot chocolate and wait for the rain to stop! Thankfully, here at Menkind we’re prepared to