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Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener Spray

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  • Pump bottle air freshener containing a fresh Garden Melody scent
  • Comes in the shape of the traditional fire extinguisher with handle
  • Perfect for people who put up with insufferable flatulence
  • Can be refilled with any air freshener spray; Measures 15cm high
  • Makes a silly novelty gift for the guffer you know
Fart Extinguisher 1
Fart Extinguisher 1 Fart Extinguisher 2
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Do you work with people whose evening meals are often reverberated around the office the next day? Hot curries, sprouts, beans, too much lager or all of the above are causes for appalling smells the following morning. Then chances are, you have at least one co-worker with a tendency to ‘let one go’ at the office. It’s not exactly a fun time, especially when said fart ‘lingers’…

Even in bed, it’s not beyond any man to drop an SBD (silent but deadly) at any given time… This is why everyone should always carry on them a Fart Extinguisher! Perfect for emergency fart displacements, this handy pump air freshener is ideal for any situation in which the local air quality is compromised. Simply identify the source of the odour and spray vigorously at farter. There will be none of this “he who smelt it, dealt it” business. If the smell is lingers, direct and urgent action is required, especially when it’s one of those silent but violent guffs. The bottle with pump spray is designed to look like a fire extinguisher and contains a fresh Garden Melody scent, easily refillable once used with your favourite room fragrance liquid. Makes a funny Father's Day present. The Fart Extinguisher measures 15cm tall, holds 100ml of fragrance.

Ideal for the long suffering who put up with insufferable flatulence at home or work. Let's face it, some people never grow up and tire of fart gags, particularly when it comes to their own - "Cor that was good one - deserves a score of 10/10"!