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Powerbanks & Chargers

12 Items

  1. Cool Charger
    Cool Charger
  2. Portable Power Pack 12000mAh Dual USB Charger
    Portable Power Pack 12000mAh Dual USB Charger
    Special Price £32.97 was £59.99
  3. Travel Power Bank
    The Travel Power Bank 2200mAh
    Special Price £7.97 was £17.99
  4. 5000mAh Power Bank
    5000mAh Power Bank
    Special Price £6.99 was £19.99
  5. Light Grooves 1
    Light Grooves
    Special Price £6.99 was £11.99
  6. 8000mAh Power Bank
    8000mAh Power Bank
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  7. Power Bank & Induction Speaker
    Power Bank & Induction Speaker 2000mAh
    Special Price £9.99 was £29.99
  8. Pokémon Power Bank 5000mAh
    Pokémon Power Bank 5000mAh
    Special Price £11.97 was £24.99
  9. Pokémon Power Bank 2600mAh
    Pokémon Power Bank 2600mAh
    Special Price £11.97 was £14.99

Argh! You've been waiting all day for that girl to text you and when she eventually does, lo and behold your phone decides to run out of battery. I thought they called these things smartphones for a reason?

Does your smartphone die daily? Well, we offer various battery chargers, from those you plug into your PC and charge at work, to the power banks that are perfect for on the move.

From dual power banks which plug straight into your computer to pocket-sized chargers for whenever you're on the move, injecting your weary smartphone with a burst of life has never been so easy – meaning you'll never have an excuse when it comes to texting that girl from the bar. Don't tell me your iPad is up to same tricks as its little brother? Have no fear – with our M:Tech Tablet Charger, we'll make sure there's always a lithium-clad hero ready to save the day. Solving every twenty-first century issue one at a time, Menkind have your back when it comes to power!

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