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Gifts for Him

If you’re after gifts for men, you’ve definitely come to the right spot. That’s our thing. Here you’ll find all sorts of gift ideas for men, spanning a world of likes and interests. Whether you’re after gift experiences, gadgets, games, or novelty gags, we’ve got gifts for him covered!

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Gifts for DadGifts for Dad
Gifts for HusbandGifts for Husband
Gifts for GrandadGifts for Grandad
Personalised kitchen gifts - customisable mugs, kitchenware and BBQ giftsPersonalised kitchen gifts - customisable mugs, kitchenware and BBQ gifts
Personalised sports and outdoor gifts - customisable tools for the garden and sports books for the biggest fan in the worldPersonalised sports and outdoor gifts - customisable tools for the garden and sports books for the biggest fan in the world
Personalised homewares - unique ornaments, trinkets andboxes for the home or officePersonalised homewares - unique ornaments, trinkets andboxes for the home or office

More gift ideas

Top 100 Gifts for HimTop 100 Gifts for Him
Great Personalised Drinking, Gardening and Traditional Gifts for HimGreat Personalised Drinking, Gardening and Traditional Gifts for Him
Drinking, Alcohol and Home bar gifts for HimDrinking, Alcohol and Home bar gifts for Him
Cool tech and gadget gifts for himCool tech and gadget gifts for him
Unsual Gifts for the JokerUnsual Gifts for the Joker
Gifts for GamersGifts for Gamers

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  1. Stranger Things 1item
  2. Rick and Morty 11items
  3. Game of Thrones 6items
  4. Avengers 9items
  5. Super Mario 4items
  6. Dragon Ball 5items
  7. Fortnite 2items
  8. IT 5items
  9. PlayStation 18items
  10. Friends 11items
  11. Harry Potter 38items
  12. Star Wars 47items
  13. Marvel 33items
  14. Disney 5items
  15. DC 18items
  16. Batman 11items
  17. Doctor Who 1item
  18. Beauty and the Beast 0items
  19. Toy Story 1item
  20. Superman 3items
  21. Guardians of the Galaxy 4items
  22. Deadpool 8items
  23. Alien vs. Predator 2items
  24. Assassin's Creed 4items
  25. Atari 2items
  26. C64 2items
  27. Crash Bandicoot 1item
  28. Elf 1item
  29. Fallout 1item
  30. Jurassic Park 6items
  31. Liverpool F.C. 5items
  32. Minecraft 12items
  33. Naruto 2items
  34. Nintendo 4items
  35. Pac-man 7items
  36. Pokemon 7items
  37. Sonic the Hedgehog 1item
  38. Call of Duty 2items
  39. Space Invaders 2items
  40. AC/DC 1item
  41. Spyro 2items
  42. Nightmare on Elm Street 1item
  43. Street Fighter 2items
  44. Chucky 4items
  45. Gremlins 2items
  46. The Elder Scrolls 1item
  47. The Legend of Zelda 2items
  48. The Lord of the Rings 1item
  49. Halo 6items
  50. Warhammer 1item
  51. Spider-Man 5items
  52. The Nightmare Before Christmas 2items
  53. Mary Poppins 1item
  54. Resident Evil 1item
  55. Xbox 11items
  56. My Hero Academia 3items
  57. Rocky 1item
  58. Only Fools and Horses 2items
  59. Star Trek 3items
  60. Love Island 1item
  61. Borderlands 1item
  62. Jaws 2items
  63. Mickey Mouse 1item
  64. Metallica 2items
  65. Venom 1item
  66. Manchester United F.C. 3items
  67. Manchester City F.C. 7items
  68. Arsenal F.C. 3items
  69. West Ham United F.C. 1item
  70. Chelsea F.C. 4items
  71. Peaky Blinders 4items
  72. The Last of Us 1item
  73. Wolverine 1item
  74. Death Note 1item
  75. Dungeons & Dragons 6items
  76. Iron Maiden 5items
  77. Beetlejuice 2items
  78. Harley Quinn 2items
  79. Wallace & Gromit 1item
  80. Watch Dogs 2items
  81. Joker 1item
  82. Tottenham Hotspur F.C. 2items
  83. Leicester City F.C. 3items
  84. Wolves F.C. 3items
  85. Jumanji 2items
  86. Galaga 1item
  87. Double Dragon 1item
  88. Tetris 2items
  89. Namco 2items
  90. Cyberpunk 2077 3items
  91. Black Widow 1item
  92. Wonder Woman 1item
  93. InterPlay 1item
  94. Back to the Future 1item
  95. Slipknot 3items
  96. KISS 1item
  97. Ghostbusters 2items
  98. Michael Jackson 1item
  99. Elvis 1item
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Not to brag, but there’s a reason we’re one of the UK’s favourite gift retailers. At Menkind you’ll find a collection brimming with weird and wonderful gifts for men. We’ve got enough gadgets and tech to make his eyes boggle, and virtual reality goggles that we’re sure will do the trick too. If he’s more gentleman than gadget man, our handpicked range of personalised gifts for men will make any occasion that bit more special, and plenty of drinking and alcohol options for the barman. And if you’re not sure where to start choosing the best gift for him, don’t worry! Just tell us if you’re buying for dad, your brother, granddad or your other half and we’ll do the rest. We’ve got a perfect selection of presents for the birthday man of the moment – and even for those teenagers on their road to manhood.

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