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Garden Gifts

Looking for garden presents for those with green fingers? Well look no further, we’ve got all the best ideas for gardeners in our collection at Menkind. 

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  1. 78781 - BBQ Tool Set grey background
    17% Off sale
    Barbecue Tool Set
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  2. Original Stormtrooper Terrarium - Only at Menkind!
    10% Off sale
    Original Stormtrooper Terrarium - Only at Menkind!
    Save £3.50
    Special Price £31.50
  3. Miniature Indoor Greenhouse for Herbs and Flowers
    20% Off sale
    Miniature Indoor Greenhouse for Herbs and Flowers
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £20.00
  4. Giant Toppling Tower
    10% Off sale
    Giant Toppling Tower
    Save £3.50
    Special Price £31.50
  5. Easter Island Moai Plant Pot
    10% Off sale
    Easter Island Moai Plant Pot
    Save £4.90
    Special Price £44.10
  6. Plant Grow Lamp
    10% Off sale
    Plant Grow Lamp
    Save £1.90
    Special Price £17.10
  7. Plant Life Support
    10% Off sale
    Plant Life Support
    Save £1.30
    Special Price £11.70
  8. Garden Tool Tidy
    10% Off sale
    Garden Tool Tidy
    Save £2.00
    Special Price £18.00
  9. Professor Puzzle Boules Garden Game
    10% Off sale
    Professor Puzzle Boules Garden Game
    Save £1.50
    Special Price £13.50
  10. Llama Planter and Seeds
    10% Off sale
    Llama Planter and Seeds
    Save £1.50
    Special Price £13.50
  11. Sloth Planter
    10% Off sale
    Sloth Planter
    Save £1.60
    Special Price £14.40
  12. For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle
    10% Off sale
    For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £27.00
  13. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 - Lifestyle
    10% Off sale
    Smart Garden 3 - Automatic Plant Grower
    Save £11.90
    Special Price £107.10
  14. The Original Den Kit
    10% Off sale
    The Original Den Kit
    Save £4.50
    Special Price £40.50
  15. Wicked Waterer LED Moisture Sensor
    10% Off sale
    Wicked Waterer LED Moisture Sensor
    Save £1.00
    Special Price £9.00
  16. Daschund Planter - grey background
    10% Off sale
    Daisy the Dachshund Sausage Dog Planter
    Save £1.75
    Special Price £15.75
  17. Sky Planter (Medium) - Lifestyle
    10% Off sale
    Sky Planter
    Save £1.20
    Special Price £10.80
  18. Fork and Trowel Set 1
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Fork & Trowel Set
    Save £2.00
    Special Price £18.00
  19. Personalised Luxe Silver Trowel and Fork Set
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Luxe Silver Trowel and Fork Set
    Save £4.60
    Special Price £41.40
  20. Water From A Stone - grey background
    34% Off sale
    Water From A Stone - Set of 2
    Save £5.03
    Special Price £9.97
  21. Personalised No. 1 Gardener Gift Hamper
    10% Off sale
    Personalised No. 1 Gardener Gift Hamper
    Save £3.50
    Special Price £31.50
  22. Personalised Gardening Apron
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Gardening Apron
    Save £2.20
    Special Price £19.80
  23. Personalised Garden Tool Set trowel and fork
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Garden Tool Set
    Save £4.50
    Special Price £40.50

Have you (ahem) bot-any plants lately? Well if the answer is no, we can help you out with that from our allotment, sorry assortment, of garden gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for the green fingered person in your life, or after some additions to your garden oasis, we’ve got you covered with our garden gifts. So step into the natural beauty of all things green, including plants, bird boxes, garden ornaments and much more! Not sure what to get the plant-obsessed person you’re shopping for? We’ve got some garden gift ideas, how about some more plants? Going to a housewarming and want to get them something different to all the crockery and décor they’ll be getting? Why not try some garden accessories? (Unless they live in a flat that is…) Take a look at our variety of funky garden gifts and get inspired today.

Plants and Gardening

Is your outdoor space looking a little bare? Or maybe some house plants would liven up your bedroom nicely. Basically what we’re saying is, you can never go wrong with a few plants here and there to add some life to your living spaces. If you’re more of a DIY person and would rather grow your own plants from a seed, we’ve got a bunch of those. How about Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants for something a little different? Or a Bonsai Tree you can grow yourself that lasts decades. For a funky garden gift, check out our Llama and Sloth Planters which sprouts leaves. If you don’t have an outdoor space and envy those who do, get yourself a mini Indoor Allotment, complete with a shed and picket fence!

Garden Equipment

For those whose parents practically live in the garden weeding, planting and digging, sounds like some equipment to help with the job is the perfect garden gift for them. If their shed’s a tangle of tools and it’s impossible to even enter, then a Garden Tool Tidy is the perfect gardening gift for men to organise their shed stuff. Or if they’re always busy bees and don’t have enough time to care for their plants, a Glass Watering Stone which releases water into potted plants is just the solution for a funky garden gift!

Garden Accessories

Shop our trinket and novelty garden gifts for the landscaper in your life, including funny garden gifts like a Nibble My Bits Gnome Feeder and personalised garden gifts like Grow and Name a Rose Bush. We’ve also got garden games which are great for summer, personalised shed signs and plant pots galore.

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