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Garden Gifts

Step into the natural beauty of Garden World. Here you’ll find fun items for the outdoors from lawn games to garden tools to nesters!

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  1. Dovecote Wild Bird Nest Box
    11% Off sale
    Dovecote Wild Bird Nest Box
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £40.00
  2. Haynes Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit on grey background
    18% Off sale
    Haynes Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit
    Save £4.00
    Special Price £18.00
  3. Original Bat Box - Lifestyle
    20% Off sale
    Double-Chamber Wooden Bat Box
    Save £5.03
    Special Price £19.97
  4. Echoes Birdbath and Drinker with Feet
    38% Off sale
    Echoes Birdbath and Drinker with Feet
    Save £15.03
    Special Price £24.97
  5. Water From A Stone - grey background
    20% Off sale
    Water From A Stone - Set of 2
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £12.00
  6. Sky Planter (Medium) - Lifestyle
    24% Off sale
    Sky Planter
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £9.50
  7. Wooden Bat Box with Bat Silhouette
    23% Off sale
    Wooden Bat Box with Bat Silhouette
    Save £6.03
    Special Price £19.97
  8. Frogilo Frog & Toad Home - Lifestyle
    22% Off sale
    Frogilo Frog & Toad Home
    Save £7.03
    Special Price £24.97
  9. Beer Crate Party Table with open lid and beers
    34% Off sale
    Beer Crate Party Table Top
    Save £20.00
    Special Price £39.00

There is an entire micro world out there. Our garden gifts will help you and your family rediscover nature, with ant worlds, worm worlds, butterfly gardens, bird houses and hedgehog houses. For those of us who like a little bit of a chortle as we wander the great outdoors, we have some hilarious little gnomes to dot around the place and surprise your guests on BBQ day. And for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty for the right reasons, we have some brilliant packs of grow-your-own crops. Like gin? We’ve got sloe berry seeds. Like your dinner spicy? We’ve even got seeds for growing ghost chillies. Even better for impressing the BBQ crowds.

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