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Mood Lighting

30 Items

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Lamp
    13% Off sale
    Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Lamp
    Special Price £34.99 was £40.00
  2. Personalised Unicorn Colour-Changing Night Light
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Unicorn Colour-Changing Night Light
    Special Price £17.99 was £19.99
  3. Colour Changing Dinosaur Mood Light - Small
    65% Off sale
    Colour Changing Dinosaur Mood Light - Small
    Special Price £3.50 was £10.00
  4. Glitter Geode Ball Speaker
    20% Off sale
    Glitter Geode Ball Speaker
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  5. Pink Neon Flamingo Light
    17% Off sale
    Pink Neon Flamingo Light
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99
  6. Rocket Lamp and Torch
    33% Off sale
    Rocket Lamp and Torch
    Special Price £9.97 was £14.99
  7. Colour-Changing Clam Light
    23% Off sale
    Colour-Changing Clam Light
    Special Price £9.99 was £12.99
  8. A6 Light Box Magnet
    56% Off sale
    A6 Light Box Magnet
    Special Price £3.50 was £8.00
  9. Tornado Fun Lava Lamp
    17% Off sale
    Tornado Fun Lava Lamp
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99
  10. Giant Unicorn Mood Light
    40% Off sale
    Giant Unicorn Mood Light
    Special Price £14.97 was £24.99
  11. Unicorn Night Light
    40% Off sale
    Unicorn Night Light
    Special Price £5.99 was £9.99
  12. Pacman Ghost Lamp
    17% Off sale
    Pacman Ghost Lamp
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99
  13. Batman Eclipse Light
    20% Off sale
    Batman Eclipse Light
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  14. Millennium Falcon Light
    33% Off sale
    Millennium Falcon Light
    Special Price £19.99 was £29.99
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For those times when your everyday bulb just won't do, we've got a whole bunch of super-smooth mood LED mood lights for when you want to blast Barry White and get lost in the soap suds.

There are spa lights and underwater lightshow disco balls that will make your bath look more like a moonlit lagoon than the old tub it actually is, all the way to remote control candle sets for those that love a good fire awareness campaign.

Those that love lasers (but not the eye damage) will marvel over the Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector. You could move to the mountains, buy a £900 telescope and sit out at night in the cold, but honestly, do you really have time for that? Especially when you could buy a Moonlight Night Light and have the whole stellar shebang right there in your living room. Who doesn't love a good living room?!