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MyKronoz ZeWatch Smartwatch

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  • Answer your mobile phone via your wrist with this Bluetooth SMARTWATCH
  • Lets you answer and reject calls with its intuitive side buttons.
  • OLED screen displays the time and caller ID - name and/or number 
  • Can play music from your phone and includes speaker and microphone
  • Vibrates when phone is out of range ensuring against theft or loss 
MyKronoz ZeWatch
MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch MyKronoz ZeWatch
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We all know that mobile phones are amazing inventions and their impact on how we live our lives has been enormous. However it's not always possible to keep your mobile device on your person all of the time. Enter the ZeWatch - a sleek SMARTWATCH that keeps you connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Just like a normal wristwatch, it handsomely sits on your arm and looks like a normal digital watch, allowing you to answer calls via your wrist.

On incoming calls, the ZeWatch rings and vibrates, displaying the caller’s name and/or number on its OLED screen. You can easily answer or reject calls thanks to ZeWatch intuitive side buttons and integrated speaker and microphone. ZeWatch also lets you listen to music from your mobile device while on the go! When your paired device is out of range (over ten metres), ZeWatch alerts you with a vibration, ensuring against theft or loss.

This is perfect for those who can't keep their phone handy whilst working such as lorry drivers, builders and tradesman - after all it's tricky to answer a call whilst up a ladder. It also is a sleek and stylish piece of kit and will go with any outfit. In fact, this unisex watch style can be worn by anyone, anywhere, anytime, no matter what you're doing - cooking in the kicthen, lying on the beach, shopping, whilst on the road, riding a bike..... And in case you're wondering, it does tells the time too! 

ZeWatch is designed in Switzerland so you can be assured of its quality. Plus, it is available in three colours - Orange, White and Black. 

Technical specifications 

  • Bluetooth ® Version: V2.1
  • Voltage: 3.6V - 4.2V
  • Current: 45mA
  • Frequency: 2.4GHZ
  • Talk time : 2-3 hours
  • Standby time: 72 hours
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 150mAh
  • Size: 38.5 * 80 * 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 45 grams
  • Screen: 128 * 32 OLED
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Anti-Lost function: YES
  • Warranty 24 months