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  1. Nano Falcon
    Nano Falcon
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  2. Nano Tandem
    Nano Tandem
  3. Gyro Flyer V4
    Gyro Flyer V4
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  4. M:Tech Gyro Flyer XL
    Gyro Flyer XL
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99
  5. U4 Gyro RC Helicopter 1
    U4 Gyro RC Helicopter
    Special Price £14.97 was £24.99
  6. Sky Dancer 4 Channel Helicopter
    Sky Dancer 4 Channel Helicopter
    Special Price £39.97 was £59.99
  7. Almost Indestructible Helicopter
    Virtually Indestructible Helicopter
    Special Price £34.99 was £39.99
  8. T40C Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter
    T40C Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter
    Special Price £79.99 was £99.99

9 Items

"Neeeeeeaaaooooowww" – you definitely made that sound as a kid, and you can once again with Menkind's gravity-defying range of remote-controlled helicopters!

The cheap, cheerful yet totally fun M:Tech Gyro Flyer V4s are perfect presents for even the most fearful flyers, and you'll find that even RC hobbyists will take a second glance at the oddly ping pong-like Tx Juice Radar Motion Sensor Copters – your gifting plans will never be up in the air again. Sort of.

Our range of cool remote control helicopters flies in the face of ordinary gifts, with micro-flyers, giant copters and more.

For people who don't see themselves as mere hobbyists, we've got some super-techy solutions for you too! Indestructible flyers for lovers of extreme stunts and even helicopters outfitted with high definition cameras that can video your exploits!

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