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Remote Controlled Helicopters

Welcome to our RC helicopter page where the sky is the limit with our range of choppers.  We’ve got them in all different shapes and sizes for the ultimate pilot experience.

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Get to the chopper! These remote controlled helicopter gifts are for all those people who grew up wanting to be a chopper pilot but never got round to it. Well…this is the next best thing! Fly one of our RC helicopters in your living room or up into the skies at your local park. Our Gyro Flyers charge up in 45 mins and come in several different colours. Now you can live the dream without even leaving your sofa. How expert can you get? What tricks can you pull off? How many family members and pets can you chase away? Find out with one of our remote controlled choppers today!

RC Helicopters for Beginners

If you’re a novice helicopter pilot and fancy taking one for a spin, we’ve got remote helicopters for beginners in our collection – flying has never been easier! Our RED5 Gyro Flyer copters have a super easy control scheme, making it a piece of cake to soar up high and navigate. With a sturdy and lightweight frame, the RED5 is ultra aerodynamic and perfect for flying novices and pros alike. So if you’ve ever wanted a chance to fly your own copter but your lack of 20:20 vision has let you down, then don’t fret! Our remote controlled helicopters and remote control mini helis can make your dream a reality.

Flying UFO

We interrupt your browsing session to bring you this Unidentified Flying Object. If you think an RC helicopter is too mainstream or outdated, then we’ve got the solution for you… Introducing the RED5 Colour Changing Flying UFO, now there’s something original! Do aliens exist? See for yourself with your very own colour changing version and explore galaxies and solar systems beyond. This UFO responds to an infrared remote control, all you have to do is adjust the height of its hover and you’re away! Create unexplained phenomena in the darkness of your house with its colour changing LEDs for an out of this world experience.

Indoor Helicopter

Who doesn’t love a remote control toy? Our remote controlled helicopters are for adults and kids, and make great gifts! Indoor remote controlled helicopters are fun for navigating round all the rooms in the house and annoying the entire family. The sky is the limit with our copters that will keep you entertained for hours with your very own flying experience that puts you in the pilot’s seat. Don’t forget to check out our RC drones, remote control cars and other flying gifts whilst you’re at it!

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