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Remote Control Drones


Welcome to our RC drones page. Shop our remote control drones for all age ranges, experience levels, and budgets. From tough drones for beginners to high-tech camera drones, we have the one you’re after!



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17 mins Flight Time | Altitude Hold | Critical Return| Route Planner| plus lots more... 



13 mins Flight Time | FPV Drone | One Key Return| Headless Mode| plus lots more.. 


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  1. RED5 Blue Motion Control Drone Version 3
    17% Off sale
    RED5 Blue Motion Control Drone Version 3
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  2. RED5 Red Motion Control Drone Version 3
    17% Off sale
    RED5 Red Motion Control Drone Version 3
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  3. RED5 Yellow Motion Control Drone Version 3
    17% Off sale
    RED5 Yellow Motion Control Drone Version 3
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  4. RED5 RC Camera Drone Red
    22% Off sale
    RED5 RC Camera Drone Red
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £35.00
  5. Hubsan Zino 2 Folding Drone 4K with FPV
    30% Off sale
    Hubsan Zino 2 Folding Drone 4K with FPV
    Save £150.00
    Special Price £349.00

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a remote control drone! And they sure are fun. Buzz around the garden or the park with an RC drone and be the envy of everyone there wishing they could have a go. Piloting our remote control drones is like flying a kite, just with massively updated technology. So whether you’re quite the drone-pro, or a total novice looking to learn, we’ve got plenty for you to choose from! For the ultimate selfies, you can get your hands on one of our Pocket Selfie Drones and take selfies that fit everyone in the frame without having to squeeze together awkwardly. We’ve also got a bunch of other camera drones for taking impressive birds-eye shots from high up above! So whatever type of RC drone you’re after, we’ve got the drone for your needs. 

Drones for beginners

If you’re new to remote control flying, then there’s no need to worry – we’ve got a bunch of beginner drones that are a great introduction to drone flying! Remember when you first learnt to ride a bike? Maybe you were scared to start at first but now it’s second nature to you – plus you had stabilisers to make it easier for you. Well, learning how to fly a drone is just like that. At first it may seem a little tricky, but we’ve got easy drones for you to fly that will turn you from novice to pro in no time! We have beginner drones that you can fly using just hand gestures without the hassle of a remote, ones that you can connect to your phone and even VR glasses. Ready to start soaring your RC quadcopter around like a proper drone racing pilot? If that wasn’t enough, check out our RC helicopters and RC cars here. 

Camera drones

Whether you want to take awesome videos from a birds-eye view or aerial shots that have people questioning in awe at how you’ve taken them, we’ve got a bunch of RC drones with cameras for all your photography and videography needs. RC drones with a camera allow you to take the most impressive shots without needing a Hollywood movie budget, so you can get the best footage from above without hassle or breaking the bank. Create vlogs, music videos, movies or trailers with our camera remote control drones. 

Motion control drones

Want a RC drone that’s easy to fly and navigate? Of course you do, because what’s worse than accidentally crashing it into the wall and it shattering to pieces? Then it sounds like you’re after a motion control drone! Gone are the days using a complicated remote to navigate your drone when you can do it with your hands. They use auto take off and landing and are controlled simply using your hand gestures! Read our drone registration guide here.

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