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Self Balancing Board

Safety Precautions

Self-balancing boards are designed to be used for fun and enjoyment and should not be considered as a mode of
transport as 
Highway Laws apply to these products and, therefore, use on public roads and pavements is prohibited.

The product should not be sold to or used by anyone under the age of 18

When riding your Self-Balancing Board, please take the following precautions:

• Always wear an approved helmet and safety equipment.

• Always follow the instructions and warnings in the user manual.

• Do not ride vehicle straight after you have consumed food or liquids.

• Do not ride without proper training and guidance.

• Do not ride at high speeds where you are not in control.

• Do not carry passengers.

• Do not make stunt performances or turn abruptly. This can disrupt the balance and cause loss of control.

• Do not use without supervision if your height is less than 130cm and weight less than 45kg.

• Always take precautions to maintain control by avoiding turning on hills, bumpy terrain and steep slopes, etc.