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Gifts For Boys

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  1. Light-Up Squashy Stress Ball squashed in a hand
    25% Off sale
    Light-Up Squashy Stress Ball
    Special Price £3.00 was £4.00
  2. Radio Controlled Racing Truck - Blue
    50% Off sale
    Radio Controlled Racing Truck - Blue
    Special Price £30.00 was £60.00
  3. Minecraft Creeper Desk Light
    13% Off sale
    Minecraft Creeper Desk Light
    Special Price £14.00 was £16.00
  4. EXCLUSIVE Lights From Anywhere
    25% Off sale
    Lights from Anywhere
    Special Price £6.00 was £8.00
  5. Mobile Phone Jail - Grey Background
    43% Off sale
    Mobile Phone Jail
    Special Price £4.00 was £7.00
  6. Xbox Logo Light - Lifestyle
    28% Off sale
    Microsoft Xbox Logo Desk Light
    Special Price £18.00 was £25.00
  7. Table Top Pool 1
    30% Off sale
    Table Top Pool
    Special Price £14.00 was £20.00
  8. Mystery Ball
    50% Off sale
    Mystery 8 Ball
    Special Price £3.00 was £6.00
  9. iDance Typhoon 101 Speaker
    70% Off sale
    iDance Typhoon 101 Speaker
    Special Price £15.00 was £50.00
  10. Blue Wall Climbing Car
    40% Off sale
    Blue Wall Climbing Car
    Special Price £12.00 was £20.00
  11. Hydraulic Robot Arm 1
    17% Off sale
    Hydraulic Robot Arm
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  12. Colour-Changing Cinema Light Box
    33% Off sale
    Colour-Changing Cinema Light Box
    Special Price £8.00 was £12.00
  13. RED5 Gaming Bundle - grey background
    50% Off sale
    RED5 Zodiac Gaming Bundle
    Special Price £30.00 was £60.00
  14. X Rocker Monsoon 4.1 Light-up Gaming Chair - lifestyle
    6% Off sale
    X Rocker Monsoon RGB 4.1 Gaming Chair
    Special Price £299.00 was £319.00

We’ve got plenty of gift ideas for boys and girls at Menkind, but these are the ideas we know that boys will love. We’ve got great outdoor toys for the rough-and-tumblers, like water guns and pool floats, keeping them active and healthy. And what little boy doesn’t want to fly a drone across the sky? We’ve got remote control cars that double up as drones and helicopters for whizzing around the park.

For the rainy days, our educational games will keep their brains occupied. They can build working robots, engines, and learn to code so they can programme their creations. Or you can get your gamer kids some new gear, like backlit keyboards for hardcore PC gamers (and noobs looking to boost their creds).

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