Gift Universe Modern Slavery Statement

This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and outlines Gift Universe Group’s commitments, values and procedures to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our business operations and supply chain.

About Gift Universe 
Gift Universe Group Ltd is one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing operators in the UK’s gift and gadget market, trading as Menkind and The Source Wholesale.

Gift Universe Group has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking and recognises the responsibility it has for continuous improvement and development of transparency throughout its supply chain.

Values and Policies 
Gift Universe Group Ltd have detailed policies in place to ensure we are doing all we can to pursue an ethical supply chain. These policies include ethical audits, compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and our whistleblowing policy where we strongly urge any members of staff, customers and suppliers alike to report any concerns regarding modern slavery within our supply chain.

Where we directly import products from factories, we detail the importance of responsible sourcing and the promotion of fair and safe working conditions within our supply chain and complying with all policies we have put in place in our General Terms and Conditions of Business.

Where we purchase products within the UK, all suppliers must comply with our Domestic Terms and Conditions of Business which contains confirmation of our zero-tolerance position about modern slavery.

Supply Chain 

Gift Universe Group works to ensure our goods are sourced and manufactured in circumstances and environments which do not tolerate or involve exploitation or abuse of any persons. All suppliers must sign a contract outlining our policies and accept our business code of conduct before trade can commence. Gift Universe maintain a strong dialogue with all our suppliers and insist that any suspicion of modern slavery or human trafficking must be communicated and escalated.


Where we are importing products, Gift Universe Group carry out regular audits and visits by third party experts as part of our regular due diligence to monitor our supply base. All suppliers are audited to ensure compliance with local laws and human rights. Areas which are monitored include wages, working hours, working conditions, accommodation, health and safety and discrimination whilst ensuring there is no child labour, human trafficking or modern slavery. Gift Universe Group are also a member of a third-party compliance organisation and are in the process of requesting our suppliers to become members of the same organisation to help with transparency throughout the supply chain. 


Gift Universe Group Ltd has over 450 team members and our HR department follow a strict employment policy in line with UK legal obligations. The following steps are implemented:
• Full pre-employment check to confirm identity and right to work in the UK
• All employees are paid no less than the National Minimum Wage 
• Full compliance with all employee statutory rights

Looking Forward 
• Review and revise current ethical policies and code of business
• Collaboration with industry peers and third-party companies to improve our approach to transparency throughout our supply chain
• Further encourage our suppliers to become members of the third-party compliance organisation we are using. 
• Further education through the supply chain on ethical and code of business policies, introducing new training methods. 

Due Diligence 
Identifying emerging areas of potential and high risk is an important focus within our business. Working closely with our sourcing and procurement team will help to raise awareness of these areas and improve our communication with our supply base. Gift Universe Group will continue to develop our policies and approach to modern slavery.

Board Approval 
Gift Universe’s Modern Slavery Statement in conjunction with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 has been prepared for and approved by the Gift Universe Board of Directors.


Paul Kraftman

Chief Executive

Gift Universe Group Ltd