Corporate Gifts

Menkind Corporate Gifts


Employee Rewards

- Keep your staff motivated

- Give rewards for effort and innovation

- Enforce positive company ethos

- Work to any budget, for all ages and demographics

- Site-wide employee discounts

Customer Gifts

- Increase customer retention

- Maintain loyalty

- Improve customer image and perception

- Increase brand exposure

- Generate leads and referrals

- Maximise sales opportunities

Supplier Gifts

- Create long term relationships with suppliers and partners

- Gain prospective partners with incentives

- Let them know you’re invested and committed in a partnership

- Maintain loyalty


- Offer subscription gifts to your readers and encourage sales

- Get fantastic goody bag items at a discounted rate based on spend

- Gain prospective media collaborations and consolidate existing partnerships

Menkind Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Giving company gifts and corporate gifts are a unique and personal way of congratulating someone close to your business.

If an employee has gone the extra mile, then give them an Employee Appreciation Gift! We’ve got everything from Food and Drink Hampers to Gadgets.

Client and business gifts help boost brand sentiment and create great customer and supplier relationships.

Why Menkind?

We offer a range of gifts that stand out from the crowd so you can be sure to give your employees, customers and suppliers something they’ll love.

From Home & Garden to Personalised Gifts, there’s something for everyone, with our unique range of gifts.

About our Brand

Since 2001 Menkind has always been a leader in stocking original gifts for original people. We put a lot of thought into each and every product we have.

We pride ourselves in keeping relevant, having a huge target audience, but most of all always bringing awesome gifts to customers that we know they will love.

Gift Ideas

  • Personalised

    A watch? Put a name on it. A pint glass? Put a name on it. Cheese board? Put a name on it. Yes, we truly do have almost anything that you can personalise to make a corporate gift mean a little more. Click to view Personalised Gifts
  • Novelty Gifts & Fun Stuff

    A little can go a long way! These inexpensive gifts are quirky, fun, and different. They’ll instantly put a smile on your customers, clients, or employees face. Click to view Novelty Gifts & Fun Stuff
  • Movie, TV & Gaming

    Everyone has something they love to watch or play. Whether they love Star Wars, Demon Slayer, Marvel, Xbox or PlayStation, we’ve got you covered with our large range of movie, tv and gaming gifts. Click to view Movie, TV & Gaming Gifts
  • Gadgets

    They are unique and memorable. Gadgets are always changing and evolving, so they are sure to be something that your employees will not have seen before. This makes them more likely to remember the gift and associate it with your company. Click to view Gadget Gifts
  • Food & Drink

    They are a practical and useful gift. Everyone needs to eat and drink, so food and drinks are always appreciated. Click to view Food & Drinking Gifts
  • Home & Garden Gifts

    They are a thoughtful and personal gift. They can also be a way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Click to view Home & Garden Gifts

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