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Rude Gifts

52 Items

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  1. Fart Extinguisher 1
    50% Off sale
    Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener Spray
    Special Price £2.50 was £5.00
  2. Scrawl 1
  3. Plop Trumps Card Game - Grey Background
    50% Off sale
    Plop Trumps Card Game
    Special Price £3.50 was £7.00
  4. Fanny Face Soap Bar - Lifestyle
    17% Off sale
    Fanny Face Soap Bar
    Special Price £5.00 was £6.00
  5. Arse Face Soap Bar - lifestyle
    17% Off sale
    Arse Face Soap Bar
    Special Price £5.00 was £6.00
  6. Emoticon Poo Lolly 1
    50% Off sale
    Emoticon Poo Lolly
    Special Price £2.00 was £4.00
  7. Jizz Game
    Jizz Game
  8. Wanky Candles - Sweaty Minge
    25% Off sale
    Wanky Candles - Sweaty Minge
    Special Price £6.00 was £8.00
  9. Inflatable Penis Costume - grey background
    40% Off sale
    Inflatable Penis Costume
    Special Price £15.00 was £25.00
  10. Bike Balls
    Bike Balls
  11. Ball Scratcher for Executive Gentlemen
    25% Off sale
    Ball Scratcher for Executive Gentlemen
    Special Price £9.75 was £13.00
  12. Knob Mug
    Knob Mug

We don’t want to be rude but...we think you do. So, we’ve got a huge bunch of the rudest gifts known to man, and woman, in the back. Just tell us the password. It begins with an F. That’s right. Flowers!

Over here we’ve got stress balls shaped like poos, tits, willies and bums, among other rude and offensive gifts. Over there we’ve got tiny tiny condoms, and over there we’ve got the rudest shaped mugs you can think of.

Basically, just think of anything to do with the toilet, and we’ve got it.

You’re welcome!