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Retro Consoles & Arcade Games

Welcome to our page of all things retro gaming. For all your classic retro amusements, including arcade machines and retro consoles, look no further. We have all your old school gaming needs right here!

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  1. Retro Dance Mat - lifestyle
    14% Off sale
    Retro Dance Mat
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £30.00
  2. Atari Flashback 9 With Wired Controllers
    13% Off sale
    Atari Flashback 9 With Wired Controllers
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £65.00
  3. Mini Punch Bag Game by Retro Arcade
    33% Off sale
    Mini Punch Bag Game by Retro Arcade
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £20.00
  4. Electronic Arcade Pinball
    20% Off sale
    Electronic Arcade Pinball
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £39.00
  5. Mini Arcade Racing Game by Retro Arcade
    50% Off sale
    Mini Arcade Racing Game by Retro Arcade
    Save £15.00
    Special Price £15.00
  6. Tetris Mini Arcade Game on grey background
    25% Off sale
    Tetris Mini Retro Arcade Game
    Save £5.03
    Special Price £14.97

For the old school gamers who are after a bit of childhood nostalgia, we’ve got retro arcade machines and consoles galore in our wonderful collection at Menkind. Whether you’re a 90s kid after a blast from the past, or you simply prefer Pac Man and Tetris to smartphone games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers, then we’ve got you covered. We’re throwing it back to the Game Boy days when games were much simpler and more awesome, certainly very different from today’s PS5 era games with loads of confusing roles and functions. Old school video games are a great form of escapism and nostalgia, so revisit your childhood with our mini arcade machines and retro systems. If you’re after a unique gift for someone or want to surprise the retro gamer in your life, shop our range of all things old school gaming to bring them a wonderful blast from the past. If you’re also into modern gaming, check out our gaming accessories here. 

Retro Arcade Machines

Do you remember going to the arcade as a kid and getting that feeling of excitement when you won a bunch of coins on the coin pusher, or levelling up on the game machine? Why not bring back this feeling with your very own retro arcade machine! That’s right, you can buy your own mini arcade machine for your bedroom and bring the arcade home with you. Get your hands on a mini Whac A Mole to test your reflexes and let off a bit of steam the old school way. We’ve also got the classic Arcade Pinball complete with vibrating bumpers and flashing lights to keep you amused for hours. And we certainly didn’t forget about Pac Man! Get yourself a mini Pac Man arcade machine and level up like never before on your fruit-collecting ghost-dodging quest. We’ve also got Tetris, novelty punch bags and many more mini arcade machines for all your retro gaming needs. Why not check out our range of tabletop games too? 

Retro Consoles 

Modern video games are great, they are hyper realistic, super immersive and they have impressive graphics. But how can we forget about the original retro gaming from the 80s and 90s? These games that bring back nostalgia for millennials and Gen X are best played with a retro console to get the real authentic feel. Get yourself an arcade console and get stuck into the classic arcade games that you know and love. Our retro consoles come with built-in games, so all you need to do is get comfy with a gaming chair and supply the snacks.

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