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X Twin F18 Hornet

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  • Remote control X Twin F18 Hornet fighter jet
  • Up to 10 minutes of flying time and takes less than 30 minutes to charge
  • Has a range of up to 100m and is made from a durable, lighweight material
  • Features a removable tricycle undercarriage for easy take off and  landing
  • Product dimensions: Wingspan 26cm (10.25") Length 33cm (13”)
Silverlit X Twin F18 Hornet
Silverlit X Twin F18 Hornet Silverlit Remote Controlled X Twin F18 Hornet Silverlit X Twin F18 Hornet 1
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Cut through the sky in this high speed Silverlit X Twin F18 Hornet, which is modelled directly on the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet which is used as a fighter jet by the U.S. navy.

This R/C version of the classic fighter jet is suitable for both beginners and experts thanks to the two channel control system. The F18 Hornet uses differential thrust to drive one miniature electric motor faster than the other and to control the F18 just move the joy stick to steer. Simply move the transmitter joy stick left or right, and operate the throttle to take off, climb and descend.

The X Twin Hornet is extremely lightweight and features a removable tricycle undercarriage which you can attach for an easy take off and a smooth soft landing. Unlike conventional remote control helicopters and planes the X-Twin is capable of an astounding 10 minutes of flying time and takes less than half an hour to charge through the transmitter, meaning you have more time in the air getting to grips with your jet and less time fiddling with charging cables. It also has an impressive range of up to 100m between plane and transmitter so you can send your F18 on it’s own mission through the skies.

The F18 Hornet is available on bands A, B and C which means up to two Silverlit R/C toys can be flown at once, so you can initiate a real air borne battle!

Transmitter requires 6 x AA batteries (not included) and the F18 comes with an instruction manual along with two replacement propellars


  • Product dimensions: Wingspan 260mm (10.25") Length 330mm (13”)
  • Product weight: 26g including rechargeable flight battery.
  • Flight battery: 3.7v 3.8w 130mAh 4.0g lithium polymer pack. 
  • Charger: Integral field charger/transmitter.
  • Charging time:  20-30 minutes for full charge. Intelligent charger incorporates LED charging indicator & auto shut off facility when battery is charged.
  • Flight duration: 10-15 minutes. Plane will maintain height on low throttle.
  • Batteries required: 6 x 1.5v  AA alkaline batteries for transmitter/charger.
  • R/C specification: Supplied completely assembled ready to fly, with pre-installed 2 channel digital proportional radio control.
  • Independent speed controllers enable the two powerful wing mounted miniature electric motors to steer the model by simply moving the transmitter joy stick left or right, and allow full throttle control for climb or descent.
  • Fly indoors in a large hall, or outside in calm conditions.
  • Sophisticated wing design, providing maximum stability for the inexperienced pilot.
  • Made of tough, flexible foam, to absorb impact from a heavy landing.
  • Range: Up to 100m (300ft). Frequency: 27MHz. Split frequencies allow up to three different Silverlit models to be flown together on Bands A, B & C.
  • Instruction manual: Provides helpful hints and tips for the new X-Twin pilot.
  • Age recommendation: 8+ Adult supervision advised for safe operation.
  • Spare parts: Two replacement propellers supplied.
  • Gift box dimensions: 426 x 331 x 89mm. Gift box weight: 0.6kgs.

NB: Menkind cannot guarantee which colour will be supplied.