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High Performance Stomp Kit (3 rockets)

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  • High performance air-pressure powered rocket launching set
  • Jump on the launch pad to send a rocket up to 400ft into the air
  • No batteries, charging or fuel required - comes ready to play out of the box
  • Perfect summer toy for playing outdoors in the park, playground, back yard
  • Includes 3 high performance rockets suitable for 6 years +
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Launch this rocket by simply "stomping" on a pressure pad and watch it soar to a height of nearly 400 feet (that's over 100 metres in new language).

Ok, so the box features a piccy of kids playing with in on the front of the box, however this is pure "clean" adult fun! Of course, the height these rockets depends very much on the weight of the stomp, so take a few steps back and then jump to launch. The fact they may go careering over the neighbour's fence shouldn't put you off - after all there are wide open spaces such as parks that are just begging to host an inter-galactic show!

And the best thing is that no batteries or fuel is required - it's air powered and ready to use out of the box in seconds. It also comes with an adjustable launcher. Be warned, it launches very high so we recommend you keep an eye out for where it will land - after all,what goes up, must come down!

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