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18th Birthday Gifts

They’re now finally an adult, so what do you get them as a welcome into adulthood? We’ve put together some ideas for you with our collection of 18th birthday presents at Menkind.

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  1. Viking Horn Glass
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    Viking Horn Glass
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  2. Pump the Pints Dumbbell Beer Glass
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    A Game of Cat and Mouth by Exploding Kittens
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  6. Filth: The Outrageous Game For Disgraceful People
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    Filth: The Outrageous Game For Disgraceful People
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Our 18th birthday is our first proper milestone birthday for many reasons. It means that legally, you are now an adult and your childhood days seem like a distant memory. You can now vote, serve on a jury and even make a will…but most importantly you can legally get into clubs and bars and of course drink (which you certainly weren’t doing before).

So what 18th birthday present ideas can you come up with to mark the special occasion? Don’t worry, we’ll throw a few ideas out there to help get you started. You can’t go wrong with the classic drinking gift so they can make a toast and celebrate their arrival into adulthood. An alcoholic 18th birthday gift will also help them save their pennies once they realise how expensive alcohol can be, especially now they’re able to buy their first pint at the pub. Or grooming products make great boys 18th birthday gifts to help them neaten up their newfound stubble. For a more unusual 18th birthday gift idea, how about something personalised that they can treasure for years to come? For more ideas, take a look through our categories to narrow down your search.

Personalised 18th Birthday Gifts

For a unique keepsake that you can add your own personal touches to, take a look at our personalised 18th birthday gifts. After all, what can better mark the occasion than a unique glass for having their first legal drink out of. Get them a Personalised Birthday Pint Glass to mark the beginning of their first legal pint of many, or if they prefer spirits how about a Highball Glass that you can write their age and name on? Complete the gift with a bottle of whisky or prosecco that you can put their name on too. For something nice for them to display, consider getting a Personalised Crystocraft 18th Celebration Ornament or a Large Crystal Token that you can add a special message to. 

18th Birthday Gadget Gifts

No matter how old they are, they’ll always enjoy a gadget gift. From Plasma Balls that look amazing in any bedroom, to 3D Pens, Laser Keyboard Projectors to Shower Speakers, we have a cool range of unusual 18th birthday gift ideas that they didn’t know they needed.

H2: 18th Birthday Drinking Gifts

Of course, 18th birthday gifts and alcohol are synonymous…but even though it’s an obvious gift idea, we promise a drinking gift won’t go unappreciated. Whether it’s a bottle of their favourite tipple, a decanter or a cocktail making kit, they make great 18th birthday presents for girls and boys alike.

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