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2-Way Light Wand

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  • 2-Way Wand Light from Lifemax
  • Features 4 powerful LED bulbs for maximum light
  • Bulbs have 10 times more battery life than standard bulbs
  • Comes with a 2-way stand for wall or surface mounting
  • Magentic end of the wand sticks to metallic surfaces
2-Way Light Wand
2-Way Light Wand 2-Way Light Wand 1
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Have you ever been about to shave that difficult part under your jawline, or gone to apply your eyeliner and found that your light just doesn’t give you enough visibility? This is a common problem for most people who don’t have additional lights in their bedroom, bathroom or anywhere in their house.  This problem will soon be a thing of the past with Lifemax’s 2-Way Wand Light! This ingenious piece of kit is designed to add a little more light to your life.

The 2-Way Wand Light has 4 super bright LED lights that have a battery life up to 10 times that of standard bulbs. This product is also incredibly versatile and comes with a 2-way stand for any surface or wall mount using a double-sided adhesive pad included in the packaging. As if all of these features weren’t enough, a magnet at the end of the wand allows users to stick it to any metallic surface. This additional feature makes it a wonderful light to use for under-the-bonnet repairs or in any garage.

The 2-Way Light Wand would make a wonderful gift for anyone wanting some extra light in their homes!