2m & 5m LED Strip Lights Batch Recall

Product Recall Notice: Updated 20.10.22, original 17.01.22
Product Details: 2m LED Strip Lights, 5m LED Strip Lights
Item Code: 78878, 78878
Potential Hazard: Burns to Internal Organs

We have identified that the above products have been on sale in Menkind Stores and www.Menkind.co.uk but are no longer compliant with regulations.

We have identified that these products present a risk to young children, as the battery cover can be removed with one action, allowing easy access to the battery and if swallowed there is a high risk of burns to internal organs.

We take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously and would like to apologise to customers affected for any inconvenience this may cause.
We are asking that customers either return the product to their local Menkind store for a full refund or we can provide replacement remote controls to work with the existing lights.

Customers who have any queries regarding the above should contact:
Customer Services: 0333 240 5733 or customerservices@menkind.co.uk
A list of our stores can be found at:
Menkind Stores: menkind.co.uk/storelocator


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