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Beard Bib

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  • Save your bathroom from a hairy mess
  • Wraps around neck and attaches to mirrors
  • Like a hair filled hammock
  • Suction cups with locking levers
  • Measures approx. 50cm x 100cm 
Beard Bib
Beard Bib Beard Bib 1 Beard Bib 2
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Beards – they’re pretty darn hairy. So every now and then, a man will have to trim his beard which inevitably, will leave a horrible mess all over the bathroom sink and surrounding area. This uncleaned beard butchery will then annoy everyone else living in the house and cause no end of arguments. We can think of only two ways to prevent this nasty occurrence – 1. never shave again or 2. buy a Beard Bib.

This ingenious nylon bib was certainly not designed for babies, in fact, it’s probably the manliest bib ever. Here to save your bathroom from getting a sprinkling of face fuzz, the Beard Bib nicely snaps around your neck and then sticks to your mirror to create a hair filled hammock. Two strong suction cups with levers will securely hold the bib in place, leaving you free to trim away til your hearts content. When finished, simply detach the Beard Bib and pour all the trimmings into the bin. Leaving you with a clean face and bathroom with every shaving sesh.