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Birthday Gifts For Her

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  1. Slush Puppie Machine
    11% Off sale
    Slush Puppie Machine
    Save £6.00
    Special Price £49.00
  2. Realistic Jellyfish Light 1
    14% Off sale
    Realistic Jellyfish Light
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £59.00
  3. Solitary Bee Hive
    10% Off sale
    Solitary Bee Hive
    Save £2.50
    Special Price £22.50
  4. Dragon’s Lair Indoor Fountain
    14% Off sale
    Dragon’s Lair Indoor Fountain
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £30.00
  5. Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 - Lifestyle
    17% Off sale
    Smart Garden 3 - Automatic Plant Grower
    Save £20.00
    Special Price £99.00
  6. Telescopic Étagère - Indoor Garden Plant Shelves on living room
    24% Off sale
    Telescopic Étagère - Indoor Garden Plant Shelves
    Save £20.00
    Special Price £65.00
  7. Grow Your Own Urban Garden Kit
    23% Off sale
    Grow Your Own Urban Garden Kit
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £10.00
  8. Frequent Flyers Crystal Clear Bird Feeder in tree
    25% Off sale
    Frequent Flyers Crystal Clear Bird Feeder
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £15.00
  9. Storm Globe with Stand
    17% Off sale
    Storm Globe with Stand
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £25.00
  10. Graffiti Lava Lamp 1
    10% Off sale
    Graffiti Lava Lamp
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £27.00
  11. Sloth Planter
    19% Off sale
    Sloth Planter
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £13.00


Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Sorry, I’ve just been staring at all the amazing birthday gifts on Menkind, I lost track of time. Why don’t you join me? Look, there are the brilliant presents for women just over there. There’s cocktail making books, remote control helicopters, jewellery and even some naughty, bedroom type gifts.

If you’re looking for a special birthday gift for her , why don’t you start in our homewares section, and get something for the garden or for her pets? Or how about the board game section for party games, card games and drinking games. Drinking? Did you see the wine glass that’s bigger than your head and can hold an entire bottle of wine? Well go get it then!

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