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The 10 Best Gifts for Men for Christmas 2020

13 Nov 2020

top 10 gifts for men

If you’re after gifts for men, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 10 gift ideas for men that are sure to be hits this Christmas!

10 Great Gift Ideas for Men

We get it. A lot of men don’t exactly vocalise what they want. So, coming up with good gift ideas for men can be pretty challenging. But, it doesn’t need to be. We have 10 awesome gifts for men right here!

10. Grooming Kit with Trimmer

grooming kit

Grooming Kit with Trimmer

Ah, the classic Christmas grooming kit. Only, unlike some of them, this Grooming Kit with Trimmer means business. It comes with all sorts of clippers and cutters, and even includes an electric nose hair trimmer. It’s perfect for making sure the man you know stays man-icured. 

9. Four Bottle Rotating Optic Drinks Dispenser

Four Bottle Optic

Four Bottle Optic

This Four Bottle Optic is a great gift for the drinks fan you know. With its rotational design, it’s easy to get at the tipple you’re after, and its spring-loaded receptacles are perfect for bringing the bar feel to your home.

8. Dog Ball Launcher

Dog Ball Launcher

Dog Ball Launcher

Is your dog’s endless energy leaving your throwing arm weaker than an aristocratic chin? You need the Dog Ball Launcher! This ball bazooka is designed to launch tennis balls down the park with ease, improving your game of fetch drastically. Plus, it’s great fun!

7. Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug

Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug

Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug

The Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug is basically an environmental activist and healthcare professional rolled into one.  Not only does it save literally millilitres of washing up water by eliminating the need for teaspoons, but it helps lazy men avoid painful wrists from stirring.

It works by generating a whirl on the centre of the cuppa which mixes better than a top DJ. Plus, it’s way cool to watch!

6. Beard Buddy

Beard Buddy

Beard Buddy

The Beard Buddy is a must-have for bearded blokes who are tired of their trimmed whiskers coating their bathroom floor like forest foliage. Simply strap one end of the Beard Buddy around your neck and attach the other end to your bathroom mirror, then trim away and this clever canvas will catch all your trimmings as easily as you catch an autumn cold.

5. Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio

Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio

Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio

The Haynes Build Your Own Retro Radio kit contains all the bits and pieces you need to build a real, working FM radio. Feel like a true electronic boffin as you piece together the resistors and circuitry inside this ‘70s styled gadget. It’s great fun for ages 14+.

4. Pulse Neck Massager

Pulse Neck Massager

Pulse Neck Massager

The Pulse Neck Massager is great for targeting pains in the neck (though it can’t save you from nagging family members). It fits neatly around your neck and uses a pulse massage to soothe aching and tired muscles, letting you choose between three power modes to find the right intensity. Plus, it has two pads that you can place on your shoulders, working those at the same time.

Being battery operated, this massager is portable, letting you use it wherever you want. Use it to relax, rejuvenate, and speed up exercise warm-ups and recoveries.

3. Hairy Bikers Double Deep Filled Pie Maker

hairy bikers deep fill pie maker

Hairy Bikers Double Deep Fill Pie Maker

Make not one, but two deep-filled pies with the Hairy Bikers Double Deep Fill Pie Maker! This beauty makes pies that are 10 cm deep, letting you fill them with loads of your favourite fillings. And, thanks to the pie maker’s non-stick ceramic coating, they’re easy to get out once they’re cooked. 

2. Xbox Logo Light

xbox logo light

Xbox logo light

Bring some truly awesome ambiance to an Xbox gamer’s gaming den with this Xbox logo light. It’s designed to look just like the light on an Xbox controller, or console for that matter, and can free-stand on a desk or be mounted on a wall. 

1. Globe Decanter with Glasses Set

Globe Decanter with Glasses Set

Globe Decanter Set

This Globe Decanter Set is the perfect gift for anyone who has mastered the art of adulthood. It is refined and sophisticated, made from glass blown into the shape of a globe. It rests in a wooden cradle which lets you gently turn the globe, and even has a beautifully modelled glass ship in the centre of the globe. To complete the set, it comes with two tumblers which have matching continental markings. 

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