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Bluetooth iMusic Pillow

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  • Bluetooth iMusic pillow lets you play music that soothes you to sleep
  • Speakers project sound that doesn't disturb those around you
  • Adapted headphone technology plays sound at a comfortable listening level
  • Just pair with your selected device and enjoy your favourite tunes
  • Works with any Bluetooth enabled device
Bluetooth iMusic Pillow
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Struggling to get to sleep? Counting sheep just not doing it for you anymore? Well with the Bluetooth iMusic Pillow you can go to into a deep sleep by listening to your favourite tracks from your iPod or MP3 player. Whether you enjoy the sounds of Enya or the ocean sea, the iMusic Pillow gives you complete control over what music you listen to and its Bluetooth compatibility means that its wireless too. All you have to do is pair your device with the Bluetooth technology in the pillow, press play on your device and relax.

Don't worry about the iMusic Pillow disturbing anyone else, as the adapted headphone technology plays sound at a comfortable listening level, so you can still enjoy your favourite tunes without keeping anyone around you awake.Basically the pillow provides you with comfort as well as entertainment.

The Bluetooth iMusic Pillow is ideal for any struggling sleepers and could offer help tinnitus sufferers too. Its compact design means that you can take it with you wherever you go, making the difficult task of catching some shut eye on a plane or train a dream.