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Build Your Own Batmobile

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  • 3-D Batmobile puzzle for Batman fans
  • Completed product is a 3-D batmobile
  • There are 8 cardboard puzzle sheets
  • Completed model measures 6.5x26x9.5cm
  • Perfect gift for kids and men alike
Build Your Own Batmobile
Build Your Own Batmobile Build Your Own Batmobile
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Out of all the superheroes out there it can be argued that Batman is the most relatable to the average everyday Joe. Sure we’re not all billionaires that have a manservant to do our bidding as we lounge around sipping liquid gold, but the key fact is that like us, Batman does not have superpowers.

No one gave Bruce Wayne a magic rock, and no crazy radioactive spider bit him. He simply saw a job that needed to be done and stepped up to the plate. If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a Bruce Wayne then here is the perfect puzzle for you. This 3-D puzzle creates a miniature 3-D Batmobile that is reminiscent of the Batmobiles from the early 200’s such as the beauty in the ‘Under The Red Hood’ series.

This 3-D puzzle is simple to put together, making it perfect for hobbyists, Batman fans and superhero themed family activities too! When completed this model measures 6.5 x 26 x 9.5cm making it the perfect size to fit nicely on an office desk of mantelpiece. This model is made from cardboard so it will stand nicely without falling over.