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RFID Cardholder Wallet

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  • Keep all of your details safe and secure with the Cardholder Wallet
  • Block unwanted reading of RFID (Radio-frequency identification)
  • Can protect credit and debit cards, ID Cards and driving licenses
  • This C-Secure Cardholder Wallet can hold up to 6 cards in the protected panel
  • Push lever pops cards out of the wallet at varying levels for easy access
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With a new era of technology, you need a wallet that can keep you up to date. The Cardholder Wallet can protect both your privacy and your money all at the same time.

The Cardholder Wallet is the ideal way to keep your details protected in a compact and secure aluminium case, safeguarding your information from remote RFID (radio-frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) skimming.

The aluminium card holder can hold up to six cards at one time, meaning your most precious cards including credit and debit cards, driving license and ID cards are all kept secure. As well as protecting your data, the aluminium casing prevents the deterioration of cards that can often become brittle and split or crack when stored incorrectly. Not only are your cards protected against theft and wear and tear, they are also easier to access. Push the handy lever at the side and your cards will pop up for you, each at a seperate level so you can easily pick out the one you need without even having to open up the wallet. 

The aluminium card case is hidden within the attractive coloured leather wallet that comes in 9 different colours to suit you. The press stud closure adds extra protection to the body of the wallet, which can also hold notes as well as business and other non-skimmable cards. The whole wallet is slim line, lightweight and beautifully presented so you don’t have to compromise on looks for functionality. So stay stylish and protected with this stunning leather and aluminium Cardholder Wallet.