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Chattabox Word Game

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  • Chattabox is the quick-witted, fast paced word game
  • Each player is dealt a small deck of cards
  • Every card features a letter with a given topic
  • Players must think of something that begins with that letter
  • The winner is the first player to get through all of their cards
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Put your wit to the test, with Chattabox - the quick-witted word game for 3 players and above. Race your other opponents to be the first one to call out answers to a whole multitude of topics that feature on the game cards. Once you find out the topic you'll have to be on your toes to think of an example that starts with the letters on the cards. 

So what are the rules? Well each player gets a small deck of cards that are kept secret, to other players and to themselves. These cards have a single letter on them.On a players turn, they must flip over a card and have a second or two to think of something that starts with the letter on the card that fits with whatever theme is for that round. If you fail to think of one, you draw an extra card. Once a player runs out of cards successfully, the round ends and players count their remaining cards, adding them to their score. Then, the next round starts with a new theme and the player with the most cards remaining last round gets to start.The game usually last for around 10 rounds and the player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.

  • Chattabox Score Pad
  • Letter Card Deck
  • Pencil
  • Rules
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