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Cyber Clean

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  • Rated by the Gadget Show as one of their top cleaning products
  • High tech cleaning compound that's perfect for keyboards and gadgets
  • Press against the selected area then peel back and dirt will come with it
  • Biodegradable & stain free - suitable for delicate electronic equipment
  • Cleans PC/Macs, mobile phones, stereos, PDAs, printers, faxes, etc.
Cyber Clean
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Rated by the Gadget Show!

Let's face it, we all get crumbs down the gaps between the keys in our keyboards. But apparently there's even nastier stuff lurking in there as well, including dead skin, hair, dust and even printer toner (yuck). Help is at hand.

Cyber Clean is a wonderful cleaning goo that not only cleans keyboards, it's perfect for loads of other electronic devices too. It cleans cavities where conventional cleaners fail and its anti-bacterial compound kills germs. The performance of your keyboard and other devices will be enhanced.

Just like Silly Putty (or slime - well, not quite otherwise that would be counter-productive), it comes in an easy to find, resealable 135g tub. Easy to use too, reaching into those "hard to reach" areas. Simply press against the selected area then peel back and all that horrible gunk and muck will come with it - dust and harmful bacteria will be absorbed. And you needn't to worry about your delicate electronic equipment as Cyber Clean doesn't stain - nothing is left behind but a clean surface. Much better and efficient than a cloth cleaner.

It's also bio-degradable which means that when it reaches the end of its cleaning life, you can discard without fear of tainting the environment.