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Deadpool Bodyknocker

In stock
  • Official Deadpool merchandise
  • Do we really say ‘merchandise’? Why not ‘collectable’? Or ‘awesome Deadpool merch, get it while it’s hot!
  • Can we please write this in peace?
  • Sorry
  • Thank you. Anyway – solar powered, rocks in light
  • Great gift for a comic fan or movie buff
  • Measures approximately 15cm tall
  • That’s not all that’s –
  • Don’t even go there, Wade
Deadpool Bodyknocker 1
Deadpool Bodyknocker 1 Deadpool Bodyknocker 2
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Everybody loves the merc with a mouth. Well, we say love, we probably mean tolerate. Well, we say tolerate, we probably mean “can’t get rid of him so we’re kinda stuck with him”. Look, you know what we mean.

This Deadpool Bodyknocker, fortunately, doesn’t come with the mouth that the merc is famous for, but it does make for a pretty cool* little figurine of him, replete in his red suit and giving us two thumbs up, his deadly katanas on his back waiting for him to draw them and make someone into a kebab**.

This makes a brilliant gift for a comic aficionado or movie fan.

*Note from Wade: you missed an opportunity for a “Deadcool” pun. And you call yourselves copywriters. For shame.

*Note from Wade: does not turn people into kebabs. It’s a Bodyknocker, and entirely lacks my deadly finesse and incredible dance moves.