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Slush Puppie and Drink Coolers

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Whether you’re a big kid who wants to make unlimited slushies in your home or you need a gift for the little ones, shop our slush makers from Menkind. Slush Puppies bring back fond memories of visiting the seaside on a hot day as a kid, getting intense brain freezes and bright coloured tongues. But that doesn’t have to be a memory, you can make slushies whenever you like with one of our slush puppie makers. They’re great fun for hot summer days in the garden, kids parties or even making boozy cocktails for the bigger kids! So get your sugar fix and cool down during a heatwave with your very own slush maker. And don’t forget to check out our selection of drink coolers to keep your drinks ice cold in the summer too.

Slush Puppie Machines

To add a fun twist to a garden party, birthday or just having mates over, get yourself a slush maker – we promise you won’t regret it. Even as an adult you can watch your guest’s faces light up when you hand them a delicious slushie drink on a warm day. And for the kids, they won’t be able to contain their excitement with a slush puppie maker in their own home. We’ve got bigger ones for entertaining more guests, or Mini Slush Puppie Machines which are a great size for the family. Or if it's just for you, then you don’t have to make a whole litre and give yourself a sugar rush! Treat yourself to a Slush Puppie Cup which makes just one cup and comes with a syrup too. Our slush makers also make fun gifts for fans of sweet and syrupy ice drinks. We’ve also got a variety of syrup packs to go with the machine for you to get started. Browse a variety of different syrup flavours to make refreshing icy summer slushies.

Slush Puppie Ice Cream Maker

If you’ve already got a slush puppie machine or are after something a little bit different, then how about a slush puppie ice cream maker? What’s that you ask? It’s Slush Puppies unique brand of ice cream which is the ultimate summer treat. So if you can’t decide between an ice cream or a slush puppie on a hot day then a slush puppy ice cream machine is the solution for you!

Drink Coolers

We’ve got a bunch of coolers for drinks to keep your favourite beverage ice cold this summer. Shop our range of ice buckets, ice stones and more in our coolers drinks collection.

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