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Ghost Hunt

Out of stock
  • Awesome projection based shooting game
  • Zap groovy ghoulies in your own home
  • See who can shoot the most ghosts
  • Cool gun with readout and reload button
  • Perfect for parties or solo exorcisms
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Ghost Hunt is a super fun update on the old shooting games you used to play in the old days (remember Duck Hunt?) but with the added twist that it's not restricted to a screen, you can bust some ghosts all over your front room!

Just set up the supplied Billy Bones in the middle of the room, make sure it’s nice and dark as ghosts really don’t like the daylight and get ready to get blasting. You can select one of three difficulty levels to ensure you’re never left wanting for a challenge and a handy display on the back of the gun tells you how many spirits you’ve sent back to the underworld.

You can take it in turns with friends to see who’s the greatest ghost hunter since Dr Peter Venkman or you can even invest in a second gun for some simultaneous shooting fun. So if you think the so called ghosts on Most Haunted need a good shoeing and you reckon you could take on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man why not prove it with the awesome Ghost Hunt?