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Great gift ideas for your GrandadGreat gift ideas for your Grandad

Gifts for Grandad

Get grandad a gift as wholesome as he is from our collection at Menkind. Here you’ll find a bunch of presents for grandad that will put a smile on his face.

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  1. Grooming Kit with Trimmer
    50% Off sale
    Grooming Kit with Trimmer
    Save £7.50
    Special Price £7.50
  2. Historic Town and City Escape for Two
    40% Off sale
    Historic Town and City Escape for Two
    Save £100.00
    Special Price £149.00
  3. Battery Operated Pulse Neck Massager
    25% Off sale
    Battery Operated Pulse Neck Massager
    Save £4.03
    Special Price £11.97
  4. Flying Scotsman 3D Puzzle
    25% Off sale
    Flying Scotsman 3D Puzzle
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £15.00
  5. Ice Stones
    Ice Stones
  6. Four Bottle Bar Optic Drinks Dispenser
    25% Off sale
    Four Bottle Bar Optic Drinks Dispenser
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £30.00
  7. Dovecote Wild Bird Nest Box
    11% Off sale
    Dovecote Wild Bird Nest Box
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £40.00
  8. Galileo Thermometer
    20% Off sale
    Galileo Thermometer
    Save £3.00
    Special Price £12.00
  9. Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser - Grey background
    34% Off sale
    Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser
    Save £50.00
    Special Price £99.00
  10. Sharper Image Heated Foot Massager
    13% Off sale
    Sharper Image Heated Foot Massager
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £35.00
  11. Shiatsu Neck Massager with Arm Loops worn by a man on a grey background
    13% Off sale
    Shiatsu Neck Massager with Arm Loops
    Save £5.00
    Special Price £35.00

What comes to mind when thinking of gift ideas for grandad, slippers, whiskey, golf tees? Put the stereotypes to bed when shopping for grandad’s gifts – the present ideas don’t need to be as old as him! No matter what grandad’s interests are, you can sort through our categories to narrow down your present search.

Personalised Gifts for Grandad

He knows how much you care, but why not show him through a personalised gift? You can add a personalised message or his name to a gift that he’ll love and keep for years to come. Whether it’s a personalised spirit level if he likes getting hands-on or putting his name on a tumbler for drinking his favourite tipple, choose a truly unique gift for him. For more inspiration, see our full range of personalised gifts.

Foodie Gifts for Grandad

Is your grandad quite the foodie? Does he clean his plate and go for seconds every time? If so, then you can’t beat foodie gift ideas for grandad. Think a giant Toblerone with his name on it, barbecue sauce selections or an espresso maker. Or if he fancies himself the next Gordon Ramsay, we have a selection of cooking gifts he’ll be sure to love. How about a maki master for a sushi chef, a MasterChef apron for when he’s cooking up a storm, or a pie maker if he loves a good pie?

Drinking Gifts

Does your grandad love a tipple? Whatever his poison, we have it stocked – grandad’s beer gifts, wine gifts and more. If he enjoys a six pack, he’d love a draught beer dispenser which turns your tinnies and bottled beer into draught beer! That means grandad won’t need to stumble to and from the pub for a pint ever again. Or he can brew his own beer with an IPA beer making kit and enjoy the final product. For containing his favourite booze, a fancy globe or ship in a bottle decanter would make a nice centerpiece for his home. And check out our selection of pint glasses, wine glasses and tumblers. Why not take a look at our other home bar gifts too?

Don’t panic about grandad’s present – whether it’s shopping for grandad father’s day gifts, Christmas presents or a birthday celebration, we’ve got it covered. So if you’re stuck on ideas for grandad’s gift this year, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice with our impressive range at Menkind.

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