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Unusual Gifts

333 Items

  1. NY Butt Putt
    20% Off sale
    NY Butt Putt
    Special Price £12.00 was £15.00
  2. Set of 2 Upside Down Wine Glasses
    15% Off sale
    Set of 2 Upside Down Wine Glasses
    Special Price £11.00 was £13.00
  3. Giant Personalised Face Lollipop
    20% Off sale
    Giant Personalised Face Lollipop
    Special Price £40.00 was £50.00
  4. Beer Socks in a Can
    34% Off sale
  5. Gay Bar Soap
    40% Off sale
    Gay Bar Soap
    Special Price £2.97 was £4.99
  6. Space Coaster 3
    25% Off sale
    Space Coaster
    Special Price £14.99 was £19.99
  7. Peanut Butter Maker
    10% Off sale
    Peanut Butter Maker
    Special Price £44.99 was £49.99
  8. Crap Jokes Toilet Roll
    41% Off sale
    Crap Jokes Toilet Roll
    Special Price £2.97 was £5.00
  9. Star of fame
    9% Off sale
    Personalised Star of Fame
    Special Price £19.99 was £21.99
  10. Engraved Propeller Letter
    10% Off sale
    Personalised Engraved Propeller Letter Opener
    Special Price £26.99 was £29.99
  11. Engraved Weather Station Clock 1
    11% Off sale
    Personalised Engraved Weather Station Clock WEA04
    Special Price £39.99 was £44.99
  12. Lights from Anywhere (Adult)
    25% Off sale
    Lights from Anywhere Magic Trick (Adult Size)
    Special Price £8.99 was £11.99
  13. Man Apron
    12% Off sale
    Man Apron
    Special Price £14.99 was £16.99
  14. Stick On Bluetooth Shower Speaker 0
    33% Off sale
    Stick On Bluetooth Shower Speaker
    Special Price £9.99 was £14.99
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Not sure what to get someone? Well, for a start: Don't give him a boring set of socks again! If you've slowly and surely built up a reputation of great gifting and need a bit of inspiration for finding that all-important perfect gift for someone, then our range of Unusual Gifts is the perfect place to start! From unique home decorations, lighting and tech to cool watches and gadgets, you're sure to find something perfect no-one's seen before and keep that reputation of great gift-giver