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Globetrotter Pro Solar Battery Charger

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  • Solar charger - charge your camera and electronic gadgets
  • Charges SLR, compact digital cameras, camcorders, GPS, phones etc.
  • Weather proof and includes pouches - fix to rucksack
  • Freeloader Pro charger, and Supercharger Pro and CamCaddy included
  • Freeloader solar panels charge its internal battery less than 8 hours
Solar Battery Charger
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You enjoy an active life and don't want to run out of charge on your electronic devices will partaking in your favorite pursuits. However needing to keep your devices charged is also a constant. The Solar Globetrotter Pro is a versatile, lightweight and weather proof all terrain charging system for ALL electrical gadgets.

The Globetrotter Pro bundle comprises the Freeloader Pro, CamCaddy and SuperCharger Pro, ensuring all charging bases are covered! Whether power is needed for an SLR camera battery, iPod, phone or GPS device, the Globetrotter is the answer.

Freeloader Pro - This is the ultimate solar charger capable of powering virtually every electrical device, anywhere in the world, whether on a beach, a mountain, jungle or the Polar ice cap. Freeloader Pro uses its high power solar panels or USB (cable supplied) to quickly charge its internal battery (7-9 hours in sunny conditions). Once fully charged Freeloader Pro is capable of delivering enough power to give a mobile phone 70 hours of standby time, 5000 page turns on an eBook or a 100% full charge for a digital camera battery. Also by switching its Multi voltage switch to 9.5v Freeloader Pro is capable of charging power hungry, high voltage devices such as MP4 players, portable DVD players and SLR camera batteries.

The metallic push button Power Halo indicates how much power is in Freeloader Pro's battery. Made in tough aluminium and finished in a stylish piano black, Freeloader Pro is the perfect companion for adventure travellers, journalists, explorers, expeditions, the armed forces and anyone who demands the best!

CamCaddy is a unique power cradle supplied with Freeloader Pro. CamCaddy accepts virtually every type of camera battery whether a simple compact digital camera, professional SLR or a video camera battery. CamCaddy suits all sizes of battery (3.2v to 7.9v) using its variable slider bar and adjustable contact pins. Light weight and rugged CamCaddy is the ONLY camera battery charger capable of powering virtually all camera batteries.

Globetrotter Pro is also supplied with Supercharger Pro, which is a super tough, super fast way to charge Freeloader Pro. Supercharger Pro will fully power a Freeloader Pro in as little a 3 hours in sunshine, which means it is possible to charge Freeloader Pro more than two times in one day!

By using an ultra efficient, 1.8watt crystalline solar cell and combining the 1.1watt solar cells on the Freeloader Pro. Supercharger Pro's combined solar power increases to a massive 2.9 watts for rapid charged in all weather conditions.

Supercharger Pro is a fully weather resistant unit supplied in a tough case with two innovative buckles and a Velcro attachment strap for secure fixing to a rucksack, travel bag and bike panniers etc. And weighing in at a featherweight 249grams or 411grams when combined with Freeloader Pro the extra weight will barely be noticed. Just plug in for instant performance!


Freeloader Pro

  • 200mA premium quality crystalline solar cells
  • 1600mAh environmentally friendly Li-ion battery typical battery life is 2 years.  
  • Freeloader's solar panels can charge its internal battery in as little as 8 hours or 3 hours when using the supplied USB charging cable
  • Supplied with a Master Cable for connecting to a device or CamCaddy and for charging Freeloader Pro from a computers USB players, e-books, digital cameras and PDAs
  • Impact resistant, rust free aluminium body.
  • Freeloader holds its battery charge for up to 3 months
  • Supplied with detailed user manual
  • Size 150 x 63 x 20mm
  • Weight 174g

Freeloader Pro Solar Charger comes supplied with ten adaptors to fit the following

  • iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Nano etc
  • Nokia phones using both standard and mini adaptors (2 supplied)
  • All current Samsung phones (2 supplied)
  • All current LG phones 5) All current Sony Ericsson phones
  • Nintendo DS Lite / DSi 7) Mini USB adaptor for Motorola phones, Blackberry and most smartphones, Garmin / SatMap and most GPS, Bluetooth headsets, PDAs
  • 4mm tip for Sony PSP, Archos and most MP4 players, 2 way radios, portable DVD


  • Max operating voltage 9.5v
  • Max battery depth 67mm Size 130 x 71 x 30mm
  • Weight 68g

Supercharger Pro

  • 1.8wp solar cell
  • Charge indication LED confirms Supercharger Pro is properly connected and delivering power
  • Tough Case gives protection in all weather conditions
  • Size 251mm x 256mm x 6mm
  • Weight 249g